#Tulsi 2020

Tulsi Seems Absent

It seems that Tulsi has ceased campaigning, considering today is when primaries in Democrats Abroad, Idaho, Michigan, Washington (state), Mississippi, Missouri, and North Dakota take place.

She was briefly in Michigan on SuperTuesday itself, but other than that, I only know of her visit to Las Vegas to promote legalizing marijuana and other drugs. Her Facebook page lists zero upcoming events for her.

Tulsi Gets First Delegate, from Her Place of Birth No Less

Yes, the results from American Samoa are in, first to report 100% on Super Tuesday, and Tulsi is on the board, with over 20% of the vote, in second place behind (surprise) Michael Bloomberg, who also earns his first delegates tonight. Biden, Sanders and Warren didn't hit the 15% viability threshold and are shut out.

Voted Tulsi Today!!!

Much to the chagrin of the Democratic Party, I filled out my ballot for Tulsi today.

I am not affiliated with any political party, since they are basically all corrupt or just plain odd. I put my trust in people who can convince me they have the integrity and morality that matters. Tulsi is definitely one of those people, so I requested a Democratic ballot (which in my state, I am able to do).

Tulsi UBI Comments

In a comment from my last essay, I noted that some here seem skeptical of a universal basic income (UBI), that Tulsi is now supporting. Today, she re-emphasized this in a Twitter video:

Tulsi Message to Yang Supporters and UBI Fans

Some reasons I would support a UBI:

1) In Yang's proposal, the UBI would go to everyone--rich and poor alike--so nobody is screwed.

Yang Gang Keen on Tulsi

After New Hampshire, Tulsi is on a plane today to South Carolina to campaign there, wisely skipping Nevada (because that's going to be a complete sh*%show).

Since Yang dropped out, Reddit has been littered with comments from Yang's supporters saying they are joining the "Tulsi Posse". One essay there starts: "College student from Yang Gang here. You guys [Tulsi supporters] look like you could use an enthusiastic internet army!"

California Poll--Sanders on Top by 14%, Tulsi at 4%

A Change Research/KQED poll of nearly 2,000 Californians had the following results for the California primary--the biggest primary in the country:


KQED is basically an National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate in California.

Tulsi News--Hillary Uses Secret Service to Deny Being Served

Remember that $50 million defamation lawsuit that Tulsi filed against Hillary Clinton last week?

Well, it seems Hillary isn't allowing herself to be served with the paperwork for the lawsuit, using her Secret Service contingent to shield her:

Washington Examiner

Tulsi Hits 8% in New Hampshire--Sanders Surges More in 538 Forecast

Tulsi reached 8% in an American Research Group (ARG) poll of New Hampshire today. A total of 6% of those polled are still undecided.


Tulsi is spending every upcoming day in New Hampshire. Remember, the NH primary is Feb. 11, not next week, and it seems she is gaining steadily there. It would be nice if she somehow managed 15% and gained delegates there.