#Tulsi 2020

Tulsi Enters the Roaring 2020s!!!

News aplenty for Tulsi, entering into the new numerical decade . . .

Tulsi Raises $3.4 million in Q4 2019

This was her best quarter yet.

In comparison, in Q3 she raised $3.0 million; in Q2 she raised $1.6 million; and in Q1 she raised $2.0 million.

Of course, other candidates raised more--for example, Booty-gig announced yesterday raising $25 million or thereabouts.

Julian Castro Drops Out of Race

Tulsi Warchest at $1.2 Million

The Tulsi campaign showed us today that their total warchest for the early states, raised through the end of last year, reached about $1.2 million:

Her goal was to raise $1 million by the end of 2019 to remain competitive in the early states, so she did good exceeding that by a couple hundred grand.

Updated: Tulsi Surges in South Carolina (5%)--Opts Out of Dec. Debate

Announcement from Tulsi:

For a number of reasons, I have decided not to attend the December 19th "debate" — regardless of whether or not there are qualifying polls. I instead choose to spend that precious time directly meeting with and hearing from the people of New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Tulsi Post-Debate: Progress on Many Fronts

So, the first post-November debate poll has dropped--a non-qualifying Boston Globe/Suffolk poll from New Hampshire--and Tulsi continues to look very strong there (as does Bernie):

Bernie: 15.6%
Warren: 13.8%
Buttigieg: 13.4%
Biden: 12.0%
Gabbard: 6.2%
Yang: 3.8%
Harris: 2.8%
Booker: 2.2%
Steyer: 2.0%
Undecided: 21.2%

Tulsi at 3 Qualifying Polls for November Debate, 2 for December Debate

Today, Tulsi gained her 3rd qualifying poll from a national USA Today/Suffolk University poll.

In this *National* poll, Tulsi scored 4%, topping Kamala Harris (3%), Yang (3%), Booker (2%), Klobuchar (2%), Steyer (1%), O'Rourke (0%), Castro (0%), and Bennet (0%). This poll also counts towards her December poll requirement.

DNC Releases December 19 Debate Criteria, Musings on Tulsi Leaving Congress

The DNC announced the criteria for their December debate: 200,000 unique donors and 4% or more in 4 qualified polls from the four early states or nationally. That's the general gist at least.

Right now only 7 candidates have met those numbers. Tulsi, of course, is still trying to meet the criteria for the November debates.

Tulsi Gaining in South Carolina, Tim Ryan Drops Out

A new Post and Courier Poll in South Carolina has Tulsi at 3% in that state for the first time. To the best of my knowledge, this is a non-qualifying poll.

Tulsi has long struggled in southern states, so I guess her blast at Clinton perked some people up down there!

No Opening Statements Allowed at Tuesday, Oct. 15 Debate

Interesting note that there will be no opening statements at Tuesday's debate:

Tulsi Says No Opening Statements

Since there will be 12 candidates on stage, this is sure to cut back on speaking time for candidates like Tulsi or Yang. They will be much more at the whim of the moderators to have any time to make a point.