#Tulsi 2020

Tulsi Continues, Slow and Steady

Donor Count

Now at 102,957 unique donors, the campaign's goal is 105,000 by this Sunday. That will leave them a week-and-a-half to get to around 110,000 unique donors by the time of the next debate. Reaching that level will give them a reasonable chance of reaching the 130,000 unique donor level required for the September and October debates.

Latest Count

Tulsi Post-Debate Rise (Updated)

Update: Tulsi Now at 89,051 donors as of 10:46 PM Pacific Time according to the front page of Tulsi2020.com. That's a gain of about 2,000 in the past day--the pace continues.


One hour before her debate appearance, Tulsi had 81,880 unique donors to her campaign. As of yesterday, she had 87,071, a rise of 5,191 donors in less than 3 days. A definite spike in her rate of gain.

Tulsi Storms the South, Focuses on Debates and September

Tulsi Polls 3% in Texas

The most recent statewide poll in Texas, from University of Texas/Texas Tribune, shows Tulsi polling at 3%. This was a poll of 1,200 people, which indicates that about 36 of those people polled for her. Not too shabby! She was well ahead of Booker, Gillibrand, Klobuchar, and Inslee who polled at 1%, and Yang and Williamson were at 0% in the poll--and she was only a bit behind Harris, who polled at 5%.

Potential Tulsi Breakthrough

As has been noted in another essay, Tulsi will appear in the first night of Democratic debates with a fairly bland array of debate opponents.

The only relative heavyweight in the first debate night will be Elizabeth Warren. Speculation from another essay on this site says that this is an effort to shine a light on a sheepdog candidate--which might very well be true.

Tulsi Update: 19 May 2019 (Rogan Bump, Oliver Stone)

Tulsi's 2.5 hour interview with Joe Rogan 6 days ago resulted in a solid attention bump.

The YouTube version of the video has so far garnered more than 1.6 million views, and on average his podcast downloads are about double that number.

After that interview, Tulsi's Instagram account gained 11,000 new followers and her Twitter account gained 30,000 new followers. The more people watching her on a regular basis, the better!

Tulsi to Appear on Joe Rogan Show: Monday, May 13

It is now official--Tulsi Gabbard will appear on Joe Rogan's show this upcoming Monday. Less than a week ago, Rogan mentioned he decided he would vote for Tulsi in the primary, which was a pretty large endorsement considering the size of Rogan's following. It's not quite Oprah, but in terms of today's internet world, it's not far behind that.

It'll be at 12:00 noon Pacific Time.

Tulsi "Endorsements" and Nevada Upcoming

Tulsi got a couple of major endorsements (of sorts) this past week.

Joe Rogan

First, and probably most importantly, was Joe Rogan who commented in one of his shows that he is voting for Tulsi and not even thinking about anyone else. Rogan had interviewed Tulsi last September (well before she declared), which was a very good conversation.

Tulsi Double-Dare Qualifies and Hits 2% in National Poll for First Time

There are rules, you see. Many, many rules. So speaketh the DNC.

In order to get a spot in the first two televised national Democratic debates, you must reach at least one of two goals. 1) Get 65,000 unique donors to your campaign; or 2) score at least 1% or more in three separate polls in a nationwide or Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, or South Carolina poll from a predetermined slate of poll takers.

And, there can only be 20 total candidates (that's another rule).

Tulsi Pushes Forward: April 20, 2019

Hello All,

First, in response to others saying Leftists should support Bernie unless they have an adversity to winning elections, I propose a couple of thoughts. The first is this link showing Jimmy Carter's status in the Democratic primary race through June of 1975--he's almost exactly where Tulsi is right now in polling, and guess what? He won against the giants of his time.

Carter 6-9 months before first 1976 primaries