Maryland Poll Excludes Tulsi

All right, here's more evidence of the effort to pretend that Tulsi Gabbard is not a legit candidate for President. I live and vote in the State of Maryland, and just today learned of a poll released this past Friday, March 6, from an outfit called Gonzales Research.

Here's a direct link to the poll itself:

Only six Democratic candidates are mentioned, four of whom (Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Warren) have dropped. Tulsi and "Other" is not a listed option, although "Undecided" (which actually won the highest percentage) is. Of those listed, Sanders came out first with 23% (not an overwhelming lead). Probably the poll's most interesting conclusion is the fact that roughly a third of those who supported Sanders said they would not necessarily vote "Blue no matter who" in the General election in Nov.

EDIT: I'll add another recent observation, as more polls have come in since this post. It looks like every single poll reported on RCP after March 3 (Super Tuesday), no matter whether national or regional, has Biden ahead, except for this particular Maryland poll, which is interesting since Maryland was a landslide for HRC in the 2016 matchup with Bernie.

Anyway, yours truly (given the fact I'm a MD voter and this is like only the third MD poll to get listed on RCP) was so incensed that I took it upon myself to fire off an email to the polling company, which I assume is local to MD. For anyone else so inclined, here's the contact info from their public website:
Patrick Gonzales (443)-458-5034

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She would get more airtime.
You know... claim she ate muslim babies in Iraq, be outrageous, profane, shocking, like Trump did in 2016.

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After six years, still getting robo-calls from Marriot Hotels.
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I called the outfit and left a phone message. I doubt they will return my call. I suspect DNC skullduggery here. Why else would they include drop-outs like Amiable Amy and Buttjiggle?

Coordinated plot for Tulsi blackout? Nah. Couldn't be. Dems would never do that to a real Democrat. I am surprised they included Bernie on the poll because "he isn't a real Democrat."

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@Alligator Ed … If you look at the timing of the poll (Feb 22-28) those guys were still in the race at the time the poll was conducted. In fact, now that I think of it, the poll was before SC (Feb. 29) and Steyer, who was also still in the race at that time, was not included as well as Tulsi. So, I guess you could say Tulsi was not singled out for the exclusionary freeze-out treatment.

Interesting side-note: While all these former big name dropouts (Harris, Beto, Booty, Klobuchar, Bloomberg and now Booker) have lined up to endorse Sleepy Joe, it is interesting to note that Steyer (along with Warren and Yang) have yet to endorse. Of course, that could change depending on what happens tomorrow.

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to the drop out's supporters? Maybe they were just trying to calculate the effect of the fixing - how many of Bernie's supporters would boycott Biden as opposed to how many of Warren's, and Pete's, and Amy's would put on a blindfold and vote for Biden.

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A PROUD Hillary hater since 1993

… Here's a MI poll that excludes Tulsi (again, pre-SC but Steyer is listed):

The questionnaire that excludes Tulsi even includes tips on how to pronounce Bootjizz and Kloubchar. Interesting, the "SomeElse Category" is listed as tied with Warren for third at 3%, and presumably this included Tulsi supporters, given she's the only unlisted candidate still in the race. Even more interesting, the date of the poll is supposedly yesterday (March 8), and it lists five candidates no longer in the race (Bloomberg, Booty, Klobuchar, Steyer and Warren) but excludes Tulsi. Furthermore, what's really curious is the topline press release has "Someone Else" at 2%, yet the underlying data has "Someone Else" at 4.7% and just 2.5% for Warren. Disgusting. Maybe a clumsy job to get the poll in the public area prior to tomorrow's voting, but it sure looks suspicious to me. The guy publishing the poll is identified as Steve Mitchell -- contact info (248)-891-2414

Searching for other similar polls, will edit this post to add them.

EDIT: Here's another one:
March 8, other listed at 1%, uncommitted at 3%, undecided/unsure at 1%. Warren, Bloomberg, Booty, Steyer and Klobuchar listed by name, but no Tulsi. Contact is listed as Ed Sarpolus (517)-927-9776

EDIT: This will be the last one, doesn't mean there aren't more. It's an Arizona poll conducted March 3-4, so it includes Warren and Bloomberg (who since dropped out) but no Tulsi, presumably she's included in "Other" that got 4%. Contact is Hayley Plaster, OH Predictive Insights, (602)-687-3034

Anyway, done looking for more such polls as this project is becoming far more burdensome than originally anticipated ...

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