#Tulsi 2020

Updated: Tulsi Big Donor Gains--Now at 128,410!!!

UPDATED: Well, Tulsi for the past couple months had been averaging around 500 new unique donors per day. Early in the day before her 2nd debate performance, her campaign announced she had reached 110,000 unique donors. In 2 days, she gained more than 18,000 more.

During the first debate, in the week after the debate Tulsi gained 8,500 donors above her usual donor gains. Tulsi managed to do 17,000 more than average in 2 days this time around.

Tulsi Torches Kamala and Other Updates

Well, a bit unexpectedly, Tulsi was the one who brought up Kamala's abysmal record as California's Attorney General tonight. Kamala just sputtered a non-answer in return:

Tulsi on Kamala

Still, Tulsi was mostly sidelined in the debate (again) and got only 7 minutes of speaking time, versus Biden's 20 minutes and Kamala's 18 minutes.

Tulsi's Response and Tulsi's Budget Support

Tulsi put together a YouTube vid describing why she voted for HRes246. Although nominally an anti-BDS resolution, stating that the government does not support BDS, the text of the resolution does, indeed, support the rights of people to support BDS and does not allow the free speech of people in support of BDS to be legislated against (as the infamous bill S1 does). She states she supports a two-state solution, but personally believes BDS is not the way to achieve it.

Tulsi--The Good, and the Bad

Well, as Battle of Blair Mountain posted below, Tulsi voted for an awful piece of non-binding legislation to curb the BDS movement against Israel. That doesn't sit well with me at all. But, at the same time, I really wonder if Bernie (would he be a Representative instead of a Senator) would have voted for it? I sent an email off to her campaign denouncing the move and telling them my support depends on Tulsi doing right.

Tulsi Has First Qualifying Poll for Third Debate

A CBS News/YouGov poll of New Hampshire came out today with Tulsi in 6th place with 2%. My understanding is that this *is* a qualifying poll, so she just needs 3 more such polls by Aug. 28 to make the polling requirements.

Biden 27%
Sanders 20%
Warren 18%
Harris 12%
Buttigieg 7%
Gabbard 2%
O'Rourke 2%
Everyone else 1% or below

Tulsi On Point for Puerto Rico

Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has been joining in the protests in San Juan against the current governor of that territory, and she is calling for the governor to resign.

She sent out a number of tweets with videos, including an interview on CBSN (I assume that is CBS news online). She also breifly addresses the situation with Iran and the oil tankers.

Tulsi Continues, Slow and Steady

Donor Count

Now at 102,957 unique donors, the campaign's goal is 105,000 by this Sunday. That will leave them a week-and-a-half to get to around 110,000 unique donors by the time of the next debate. Reaching that level will give them a reasonable chance of reaching the 130,000 unique donor level required for the September and October debates.

Latest Count

Tulsi Post-Debate Rise (Updated)

Update: Tulsi Now at 89,051 donors as of 10:46 PM Pacific Time according to the front page of Tulsi2020.com. That's a gain of about 2,000 in the past day--the pace continues.


One hour before her debate appearance, Tulsi had 81,880 unique donors to her campaign. As of yesterday, she had 87,071, a rise of 5,191 donors in less than 3 days. A definite spike in her rate of gain.

Tulsi Storms the South, Focuses on Debates and September

Tulsi Polls 3% in Texas

The most recent statewide poll in Texas, from University of Texas/Texas Tribune, shows Tulsi polling at 3%. This was a poll of 1,200 people, which indicates that about 36 of those people polled for her. Not too shabby! She was well ahead of Booker, Gillibrand, Klobuchar, and Inslee who polled at 1%, and Yang and Williamson were at 0% in the poll--and she was only a bit behind Harris, who polled at 5%.

Potential Tulsi Breakthrough

As has been noted in another essay, Tulsi will appear in the first night of Democratic debates with a fairly bland array of debate opponents.

The only relative heavyweight in the first debate night will be Elizabeth Warren. Speculation from another essay on this site says that this is an effort to shine a light on a sheepdog candidate--which might very well be true.