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Second Update: DNC States Tulsi Did Not Get 3rd Qualifying Poll

Second Update:

The DNC has said they are only counting the ABC/Washington Post results for All responders, and therefore Tulsi only got 1%, and that does not count as a qualifying poll.

Very convenient for them.

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Update to the original post below:

Tulsi to Campaign until the Convention and New Polls (Non-Qualifying)

In Dover, New Hampshire yesterday, Tulsi announced she is in the competition all the way until the Democratic Convention next summer.

Tulsi in until Convention

In the Economist/YouGov national poll, Tulsi measures as the first choice for 3% of respondents (of course a non-qualifying poll, see page 126):

Tulsi Back from Guard Duty--Will Continue

Even though she will not be included in the 3rd DNC debate, upon her return from Indonesia where she was training with her Hawaii National Guard unit, Tulsi has indicated that we should not be discouraged and she has given every indication she will continue to campaign at this point:

Don't Be Discouraged!

She was in Iowa today, campaigning!

It's Official--Tulsi to be Screwed Out of 3rd Debate!!

Well, folks, Tulsi needs 2 more polls at 2% or more from "qualified" polls to be included in the September debates by August 28.

There will only be one more qualifying poll (a Monmouth national poll) before the August 28 deadline that will appear on Monday. Ergo, Tulsi will not be included in the September debates, even if she hits 2% or more in the Monmouth poll. Historically, Tulsi has done worst in Monmouth polls.

Tulsi States She Will Not Run as a Third Party Candidate

In Iowa, Tulsi evidently stated to reporters that if she is not the Democratic nominee, she will support whoever the nominee is and will NOT run under a third party.

As disappointing as this is to some, it does not really surprise me. I do wonder how long she will stay in the race, though. I think she would have a fairly good shot at winning the April 4 Hawaii primary and taking those 22 pledged delegates (out of 3,768 total).

Quick Update: Tulsi Polls--Nope--Added New Donor Count

UPDATE: Tulsi's new unique donor count is at 157,045, again with an internal goal of reachin 160,000 by this upcoming Sunday.

If by chance she does get the required 4 qualifying polls by Aug. 28, you can bet the unique donor count for any debates after October will be a lot higher. This is why they continue to pursue increasing this number.


Today's Monmouth Iowa poll has Tulsi at--1%.

Tulsi's Frustrating Polls

Tulsi's debate performance continues to make waves, and as of yesterday she had more than 153,000 unique donors, with a stated goal of reaching 160,000 by this upcoming Sunday. Her rate of gain has gone from 12,000-15,000 per day in the 3 days after the debate, to 3,000 per day a few days ago, to 2,000 per day yesterday. This is still above the 500 per day average gain she had prior to the second debate.

Update: Tulsi at 145,933 Unique Donor Mark, Polls 3% in Non-qualifying National Poll

As predicted, today Tulsi surged past the unique donor requirement of 130,000 for the 3rd and 4th (Sept. and Oct.) debates. The campaign has, for now, taken down the tracker for unique donors, but the latest update they gave puts her at 145,933 unique donors.

Since the morning of the day of her 2nd debate, she gained about 36,000 donors--in just 3 days.

Updated: Tulsi Big Donor Gains--Now at 128,410!!!

UPDATED: Well, Tulsi for the past couple months had been averaging around 500 new unique donors per day. Early in the day before her 2nd debate performance, her campaign announced she had reached 110,000 unique donors. In 2 days, she gained more than 18,000 more.

During the first debate, in the week after the debate Tulsi gained 8,500 donors above her usual donor gains. Tulsi managed to do 17,000 more than average in 2 days this time around.

Tulsi Torches Kamala and Other Updates

Well, a bit unexpectedly, Tulsi was the one who brought up Kamala's abysmal record as California's Attorney General tonight. Kamala just sputtered a non-answer in return:

Tulsi on Kamala

Still, Tulsi was mostly sidelined in the debate (again) and got only 7 minutes of speaking time, versus Biden's 20 minutes and Kamala's 18 minutes.

Tulsi's Response and Tulsi's Budget Support

Tulsi put together a YouTube vid describing why she voted for HRes246. Although nominally an anti-BDS resolution, stating that the government does not support BDS, the text of the resolution does, indeed, support the rights of people to support BDS and does not allow the free speech of people in support of BDS to be legislated against (as the infamous bill S1 does). She states she supports a two-state solution, but personally believes BDS is not the way to achieve it.

Tulsi--The Good, and the Bad

Well, as Battle of Blair Mountain posted below, Tulsi voted for an awful piece of non-binding legislation to curb the BDS movement against Israel. That doesn't sit well with me at all. But, at the same time, I really wonder if Bernie (would he be a Representative instead of a Senator) would have voted for it? I sent an email off to her campaign denouncing the move and telling them my support depends on Tulsi doing right.