#Tulsi 2020

Tulsi Double-Dare Qualifies and Hits 2% in National Poll for First Time

There are rules, you see. Many, many rules. So speaketh the DNC.

In order to get a spot in the first two televised national Democratic debates, you must reach at least one of two goals. 1) Get 65,000 unique donors to your campaign; or 2) score at least 1% or more in three separate polls in a nationwide or Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, or South Carolina poll from a predetermined slate of poll takers.

And, there can only be 20 total candidates (that's another rule).

Tulsi Pushes Forward: April 20, 2019

Hello All,

First, in response to others saying Leftists should support Bernie unless they have an adversity to winning elections, I propose a couple of thoughts. The first is this link showing Jimmy Carter's status in the Democratic primary race through June of 1975--he's almost exactly where Tulsi is right now in polling, and guess what? He won against the giants of his time.

Carter 6-9 months before first 1976 primaries

Tulsi Update: April 14, 2015 (Birthday!, Gravel Endorses, TYT Good Interview, Los Angeles, NYT Bad))

Tulsi turned 38 two days ago (April 12)!!! Happy birthday to her!

Niko House interviewed candidate Mike Gravel yesterday. Gravel is a former Democratic Senator from Alaska for 12 years, before which he was involved in the Pentagon Papers and Watergate (on the correct side of things).

Tulsi 653 Donors Away--Plus Capoeira

An email today indicates that Tulsi is only 653 new donors away from making the 65,000 goal.

She just needs 19 new donors per day through May 14 in order to make it!

Plus, Tulsi evidently has studied many martial arts since she was a kid, including Capoeira. Here is a link posted showing her do some Capoeira (she's pretty good).

Tulsi Continues: April 03, 2019 (Donors, Dore, Iversen)

The Tulsi2020 campaign continues to gain unique donors, closing in on the magic number. As of tonight, Tulsi has 61,029 of them, and needs only 3,971 more to get into the Democratic debates. That's only 97 new donors per day through May 14.

Tulsi's interview with Jimmy Dore is now on YouTube in two parts. Pretty decent interview (almost 150,000 views on the first one!).

Tulsi Accelerates

Just a very quick update. The number of new donors Tulsi has gained in the last few days has been accelerating greatly each day. She has now recorded 57,292 unique donors of the 65,000 needed for her to be in the debates. That leaves only 7,708 new donors needed, or 176 new donors per day through May 14. No question she will reach that end goal now.

Tulsi Update: March 28, 2019 (Donor Status, Los Angeles Stop, Polls)

UPDATE MARCH 30: Tulsi has had to move her appearance in Los Angeles today because they needed a larger venue. Too many people expected! There are 1,734 guests expected on her Facebook page, but typically that number is inflated. She might be expecting half that, which would still be very good.

Tulsi Needs 22,525 New Donors by May 15

Well, she has been definitely closing the gap! In the last 4 days, Tulsi has gone from needing about 27,000 new donors to now needing 22,525. The deadline is also now defined: May 15.

See the email from the Tulsi campaign today:


It looks as though they have 200 donors from at least 20 states (which is another one of the requirements), which is cool.

Tulsi Update: March 15, 2019 (KPFA Interview, SF Bay Area/Las Vegas Visits)


Yesterday morning, Tulsi gave a 20-minute interview on Flashpoints on KPFA radio.

For those of you who were earlier seeking more detail about what she would do as commander-in-chief, and if she is really a secret shill for the military-industrial complex, I think this is the clearest interview yet about what she would do and has done in that area.