California Poll--Sanders on Top by 14%, Tulsi at 4%

A Change Research/KQED poll of nearly 2,000 Californians had the following results for the California primary--the biggest primary in the country:


KQED is basically an National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate in California.

Change Research/KQED California Poll

This is an interesting poll, because if accurate, Biden is at the cusp of the 15% cut-off for gaining delegates in the state (and Warren is near it as well). If either one of those folks does not meet that 15% level, their candidacy is probably done, considering the California assigns a whopping 415 of the pledged delegates of the contest (the next largest state is New York with 274).

There are a *lot* of undecided people, however. So, that may change things in many ways.

Tulsi is showing some strength as well, marking her highest poll in California ever. Considering she has not campaigned in California for many months, and was not in the latest debate, that's actually really impressive. She is even beating Bloomberg in the state, even as he flushes advertising money down the toilet.

Bernie will almost certainly win California, probably by quite a margin. That will be very good for his momentum.

California is part of SuperTuesday, and votes on March 3--exactly one month after the Iowa caucus.

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If Dances With Wall Street and Ol' Joe both get under 15%, who gets all the delegates? From what it looks like Sanders would be the ONLY candidate who goes over 15%. Would he get all of them?

Now that would be a slap in the DNC's face.

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@Bob In Portland

... of those who don't get 15% towards those who do.

So in effect, if you vote for someone who doesn't get 15% of the vote, your vote will be proportionately split between the vote of those who do.

If only Bernie gets over 15%, then all hell will break loose.

The DNC is freaking out. Their new rules. They thought they were soooooo smart crowding the field with candidates.

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I heard a couple days ago that Amy Klobuchar is on the move and will become the surprise winner who saves us from Commie Bernie.

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@edg @edg

I would love to see Klobuchar, Bloomberg, and Buttigieg surge a bit. They'd only take votes away from Biden and Warren.

It'd be ironic if Biden, Warren, Buttigieg, Bloomberg, and Klobuchar all end up in the 6%-14% range. Bernie would take the entire state!

Of course, I'm sure the DNC would change the rules at the last minute.

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Is still running a strong eighth, so the nom is just within reach.....

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from a reasonably stable genius.

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We live in a society in which "we live in a society" is now considered a subversive and vaguely-threatening statement.

In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is declared insane when he speaks of colors.


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We just can't afford it. And what good does it do?

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in anyhing any more, how do you get those back? I appreciate what Bernie and Tulsi do, but there are those even they can't reach. What then?

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Please get along with each other. We have only one planet. Do not destroy what we have. Do not kill anyone and do not kill yourself. Nature doesn't care about what you think.

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but until then . . .

As far as politics go, I guess everyone has their individual tipping point.

For me, too, it's a matter of not feeling sorry for oneself because there's always at least one guy who has it worse, and no doubt many, many more. So that means there's something to live for. Except for maybe that last guy who has absolutely nothing and is on the verge of death.

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and not being able to help tham. That gets me down. I will dig something up in the garden to exhaust myself and stop thinking. Clear the brain compartment, so to speak.

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Please get along with each other. We have only one planet. Do not destroy what we have. Do not kill anyone and do not kill yourself. Nature doesn't care about what you think.

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@Wally Rec'd for great image and the whole thread. PRESIDENT SANDERS IN 2020!!

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Inner and Outer Space: the Final Frontiers.

@mimi @mimi

You'll never be able to convince everybody, mimi. That's never a realistic expectation. Haters are gonna hate and all. Many folks have been so brainwashed by family, friends, the mainstream media, rich people, their bosses, military colleagues, etc., etc., etc., that they have not heard anything else in their lives.

But, many are reachable, and can be convinced. See how many of those folks you can win over, and if we *do* win, let's see how many people we can help out--not only us and the ones we convince, but the haters as well. Make their lives measurably better, and magically, people start to hate less.

According to The Washington Post, the Sanders campaign is considering a host of "executive orders" to be issued right away (many on the first day) if they win. Included are:

  • Allowing the US to import prescription drugs from Canada
  • Legalizing marijuana federally
  • Declaring climate change a national emergency and banning export of crude oil
  • Cancelling federal contracts with firms paying less than $15 per hour
  • Reversing federal rules to block funding to organizations that provide abortion counseling
  • Removing Trump's limit on the number of refugees
  • Stopping work on the border wall
  • Restoring the legal status of "dreamers"

TruthDig Story, so you don't have to visit The Washington Post!

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