Voted Tulsi Today!!!

Much to the chagrin of the Democratic Party, I filled out my ballot for Tulsi today.

I am not affiliated with any political party, since they are basically all corrupt or just plain odd. I put my trust in people who can convince me they have the integrity and morality that matters. Tulsi is definitely one of those people, so I requested a Democratic ballot (which in my state, I am able to do).

The ballot I received in the mail, however, did not have the list of Democratic candidates--just the general non-affiliated party ballot for state and local initiatives, US representative, state senator, and things like that. The initial ballot said I had submitted my request for a Democratic ballot too late, even though I had submitted it 4 weeks before the deadline for such a cut-off!

I suspect foul play by a Party who does not really want unaffiliated voters voting. So, I contacted the state elections office to obtain a replacement ballot, which I received about a week later, with the correct ballot. I filled it in, and now it is a done deed!

At any rate, very glad to have done it. Always be satisfied with your vote!

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          That's the type of thinking I can get behind.

          And, holding the state elections office to account for playing by the rules. A real triple threat. Maybe there is a chance for this country after all.

          Thanks for the uplifting thoughts.


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who you want. I am glad Tulsi was on the ballot for you.

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Think we are seeing a lot of this now
glad you could overcome the hurdles

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Those of us who have Dem Exited can vote for Tulsi, Bernie or whomever can vote for our faves if registered No Party Preference. Simply request a Dem primary ballot at your polling place. You don't have to rejoin the Demonratic party.

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