A really intelligent discussion of Venezuela's Petro e-currency

We all have bitcoin fatigue. But the article linked after this para digs much deeper than the usual salvation/ponzi scheme dichotomy. And that is because the Petro is being created by a government and used by a government to stop globalist, neoliberal looting and regime change.

What is Venezuela’s Petro? It’s socialism to bitcoin’s rescue

Bruce A. Dixon explains intersectionality

There's an excellent series on "intersectionality" in the Black Agenda Report. The invocation of "intersectionality," like Rachel Maddow's crusade against Russia and like the periodic calls to impeach Trump, is more evidence of a supposedly-thriving pseudo-left, in which victory is always depicted as a campaign or two away.

Bolivia: Socialism Success Story

Venezuela is collapsing. There is no denying that.
Since their government is socialist, their collapse must be because of socialism. Or so we are told.

Once you accept that premise, Bolivia must also be collapsing too because they are also socialist.
Right-wing sources have already announced Bolivia's collapse.

Open Thread - "Take their money and let them go"

Kshama Sawant, the socialist Seattle city council woman and member of Socialist Alternative, penned a reply to Trump's address to Congress. It's worth a read, but one part stuck out to me, a recommendation:

"The wealth of these 8 richest billionaires should be confiscated and democratically allocated for the needs of the majority."

Hell ya.

France : PS A much needed paradigm shift

François Hollande's disastrous Presidency is nearing an end with his popularity running at around 4%, yes 4 %. Thankfully the voters in the PS [Parti Socialiste] rejected more of the same and thereby a complete election wipe out.

I supported and did some work for the campaign of Benoît Hamon, so why did I do so?

One over-riding subject:

An American president once put a political opponent in jail for making an anti-war speech.

Many of us were shocked when Donald Trump threatened/suggested Hillary Clinton would be prosecuted and imprisoned if he had control of the Justice Department. Here’s a typical response: