In defense of socialism, again

In my experience, the most confident and strident defenders of capitalism are the ones who know the least about socialism. I can't fully blame them for this because there is so much intentional misinformation, as well as suppressed information, that it takes a herculean effort to get a more accurate viewpoint.
This essay is a follow-up to this previous one.

The internet has killed trust

When your only access to persons you have not met is through the internet, you are standing on shaky ground. With the complete collapse in trust of formerly solid leftwing institutions, due to their selling out to TPTB or being crushed by TPTB, people on the left literally do not know whom to trust.

You can see this happening right on this board. In three recent essays,

In These Times We Could Use More Positive Stories of Those Challenging The System, Something The Media NEVER Touches (Especially When It Involves Socialism Taking Root In The Populace)

Hey there folks. Haven't had much time to get anything together here for a while, though I have loads of drafts sitting around. And don't anticipate that changing much for the near future, with this middle-aged father taking over full-time duties for two babies come the end of March.