Hispanics and Socialism, Venezuelan view

Preface: this is serious. Also, the information I derived comes from investigative efforts of my own, given my access to a great number of foreign communities. No articles are supportive or unsupportive of what I report except as may actually represent truths being to to me. In other words, the only research I do in this essay has been routine political interest viewing (mainly YouTube).

Running against socialism

President Trump: Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country. (Applause.)
Congress: USA! USA! USA!

“It’s increasingly obvious in the public debate it’s a choice between freedom and socialism.”
- Vice President Mike Pence

"Now that Nancy Pelosi is Speaker, voters are seeing the dangerous policies set forth by the socialist Democrats on a daily basis."
- Congressman Tom Emmer

Bernie Goes Bold

I say it is a very good thing, indeed, that Bernie Sanders speaks his truth about Socialism. now. That he tells Americans how they've been asset stripped by deregulation, by greedy corporations chasing cheap labor in Asia, by tax cuts for the rich that never create good jobs, and by the crushing costs of unnecessary wars that create fabulous wealth for the war profiteers — while leaving them with the entire bill. He's expectedly to boldly explain to the nation what Socialism means, and give the American people some time to think about how much their lives could improve in a nation that puts the well-being of the People first.

Politics: Get down to the REAL Nitty-Gritty

Politics: Get down to the REAL Nitty-Gritty

Being a politically aware person for some 58 years now (thank you Bolshevik-fleeing Granddad!) I’ve always been one of those people who frequent political discussion circles. I don’t exclude anyone on the basis they’re insane or dis/agreeable to my thinking or feelings.

Things you can learn at CPAC: Stalin dreamt of taking away your hamburgers

"What is America's biggest problem? Not socialism in Russia, but in America! They want to take your pickup truck. They want to take away your hamburger. This is what Stalin dreamt about but never achieved."
- Sebastian Gorka

Liberals and the left fail to notice - and celebrate - the intellectual death of conservatism

Faced with Trump's populist seizure of the Republican Party, establishment conservatives and libertarians are trying to redefine republicanism to exclude anything other than market capitalism.