Midnight Special - What if Bernie's first name was Fred?


Would it make a difference? You have to admit, Bernie is kind of a tailor made roll off your tongue, first name basis type name. It fits him pretty well too. "Hey Bernie, howyadoin?"

What if his name was Fred? Fred Sanders.

Would we be seeing articles about Fred? Would they be calling it "Fred's Revolution"?

International Politics Finals - Liberalism Vs. Capitalism

Linda: Good Morning, we're looking at Great Game, with this the Politics final between the Liberals and the Capitalists.

Tom: It wasn't even sure if this match would come off today, as there seems to be a huge amount of fans of the Fascist and Socialist teams boycotting the match.

Linda: Yes it was a shame that the actions of those fans caused the teams themselves to be be barred completely from the competition. Although what a win for the Capitalists, eh Tom?

Johnny Lawrence... The Cynic.

So, just for the HELL of it, I'm going to do a fun, snarky, little exercise. I haven't talked about something I enjoy for a while, and I haven't done an exploration of a piece of art in even longer, so I'm going to do that. I'm going to explore a show I greatly enjoyed, and explain why I feel that The series "Cobra Kai" might be one of the most eloquent examples of the Cynic philosophy that we have in the Modern Day. (And of course, this will contain spoilers for the show.)

SpongeBob SquarePants to Star in New Duck and Cover Movie


Following the impressively brave back and forth between the Dear Leaders of North Korea and Amerika the Great, and the Red Alert announcement by the head of the United Nations warning about nuclear war, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has announced a presentation to prepare the public and government for surviving a nuclear bomb attack.