The Scapegoating of Debbie Wasserman Shultz -WIP

I am appalled how Ms Wasserman Shultz has been treated by the Democratic Party, how can someone so loyal to the Party now be pilloried for doing exactly what she was selected to do? If anyone in this campaign has borne the brunt for the failure of the Democratic Party to convince it is her, the primaries were organized to ensure that the Party program would progress as foreseen.

Bernie Should Beg For Forgiveness!!!

He should prostate himself before the almighty Democratic Party and plead to be pardoned for daring to fight for the weakest!

He should grovel before the anointed one for daring to take on the DNC!

He should donate a pound of his flesh to the Party grandees and pray to be absolved of all his sins!

He should abandon all hope like the rest of you oiks!

We won, so fuck you!

Oh and by the way

You should get on the bus in the name of #partyunity!

Finally, the big day arrived.

For months, it seemed like the day would never come. He had planned, plotted, thought through various scenarios, even considered practicing. The thought of this day's events had taken over his life.

He had to admit that he was a little fixated on the topic. But, when he first heard of it, the thought would not leave his mind. In fact, the thought did nothing but grow. He admitted that as the big day approached, it had an impact on the rest of his life.

Let us analyze Donald Trump

Let's pick a serious topic and guess what would be the first thing that Teh Donald would think of in response. Put into words what his honest answer would be if asked a question. For example,


Q: What is the Big Bang?
A: Have you seen my daughter Ivanka?

Q: What is Quantum Mechanics?
A: They are the jerks who screwed up the tuning on my Rolls. Gonna sue those jerks.

Hey, C99ers. I hate to ask, but I need your help.

I hope this does not violate the terms of use here, but I face a serious dilemma.

Yesterday, I received an email that shocked me to my core. Honestly, I cannot recall another episode in my 58 revolutions of the flat earth that has affected me so greatly. Being a rather smug, sarcastic, even arrogant person, it was and is my habit to recognize a challenge or serious issue, to rise up, to face it, and to confront it and to deal with it head on, but always on my own.

I am deeply offended

I feel it necessary to point out that a recent, highly recommended diary was very callous and insulting to the persecuted minority group that I am a member of - closed-minded, intolerant assholes.
According to a recent study, Closed-Minded, Intolerant Asshole Syndrome, or CMIAS, afflicts more than 15% of the population. Famous celebrities such Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson suffer from CMIAS (as well as alcoholism).

I apologize for my Bigotry (DMW TOP Salvage)

For many years now, I've been complicit in perpetrating a form of discrimination I thought was just ok.

Thanks to the Supreme Court of the United States, and their many allies in the House and Senate, I now understand the truth.

I can no longer discriminate against Corporate Americans.