Why you shouldn't be afraid when you hear The Tongue of Mordor

It's time for Middle Earth to be Orc again, and I say well past time.

For years, we've chafed under the yoke of Dead Elf Males, who have give nothing to the people of Middle Earth except condescension and dismissal. Their persecution of the various races of color in Middle Earth is legendary, with the sole exception of the rich. We can see how they behave in their most recent war, when a group of supposed Dwarf Exiles overthrew a historically Mordor Friendly Goblin Kingdom for the sole purpose of putting an army on Mordor's Doorstep.

It is after all, why we have to fight them over there, so they don't destroy our industry and way of life here in Mordor. Remember, without the cheap Orc and Uruk-Hai made goods, where would your way of life be? These peoples have been historically oppressed by the peoples of middle earth, and have studiously ignored their numerous contributions to the Elf kingdoms as well as the people of Gondor and Rohan. In fact, most of Gondor culture is in fact stolen from the Orcs, just like the Elves stole heavily from the Orcs. If you're going to be fair about this, it is high time the people of middle earth accepted that the future is Orc, and to say otherwise is both insensitive and racist.

That is why we have assembled a great Alliance of the Willing. The men of the South and Easterlings are with us, because we are a multicultural and progressive army. I would also like to point out the lack of representation among our enemies, and the fact that there is not one Orc among them. If they would simply listen to their own pundits, who absolutely have the right Idea, they'd see that this war was completely futile. I recommend checking out "Wormtongue's Truth" when it is distributed. Fascinating reading, and he really cuts to the heart of it.

I would also caution you about making snap judgements based off the deranged actions of a few individuals. Orcs are in fact the most peaceful race, as we can see from the official Mordor crime statistics. It's really anti-Orc hysteria we need to fear whenever a small warband of fanatical lone wolves sack a small Rohan or Gondorian Village. Think about how hard it will be for those newly arrived Orcs to integrate if they're constantly being shunned for cultural differences in hygiene, or grooming, or blood feuds. We need to fully embrace the Orcs whenever they arrive. Wearing traditional slave collars is a sign of respect to them, and they will greatly appreciate the gesture of acceptance.

Finally, I would warn you not to believe the rumors about Saruman censoring the Palantir network. As we all know, The Palantir's are a private operation, and Saruman has the right to choose what he has available on it. He is simply giving the people what they want, and the people want footage of our valiant orcs properly policing up rebels and heretics.

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