Green Party Introduces H.R. All We Are Saying

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The Green Party of the United States introduced a bill in Congress today to officially prohibit United States imperialism and end the insane quest by the democratic and republican parties to establish military and economic hegemony over the planet, i.e., to rule the world; to immediately end all foreign military wars and imperialist actions and abolish all foreign military installations; and immediately begin a five year plan to transition from a fascist police and military state to a peace and justice and equality for all society. The bill also includes a justice section seeking the impeachment of the current imperialist President and administration from the government of the United States and to establish proceedings to bring all past imperialist administrations to justice for their crimes against foreign and domestic human beings.

The bill, H.R. All We Are Saying, is expected to meet fierce resistance from the oligarchy controlled democratic and republican political parties, however the 76 Green party congressional representatives in Congress and the sixteen Green party senators have significant backing from a large, invigorated section of society with momentum on their side as they finally feel represented in Congress.

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Now, that would have been an election worthy of participation.

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from a reasonably stable genius.


I wish.

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how are we going to elect them?

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@Shahryar Without changes to our political system and the mindset in this country regarding democracy, it can't be done. And it won't and can't be done by the duopoly political parties which have actively worked against third party participation, i.e., democracy, and will do everything possible to prevent the scenario above.

Therefore . . .

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@Big Al In the interim, it might help if we could all start amplifying the Greens' efforts in this regard, and their underlying message.

We all know they're not getting any MSM coverage. Even though we may not be able to measure the impact, whatever we can do in this regard is bound to have one.

I liken it to Bernie, circa 2015. The many issues with his participation in the duopoly aside, he did demonstrate that it was possible to spread a strong message, and appeal to a large swarth of the population, despite the MSM's and their masters' best efforts. And a hell of a lot more people are awake because of it. (Again, with the caveat that many of those same people will still insist that voting within the current system will actually be effective).

We have to start somewhere, in that interim. I have a feeling so many people are ready for the Greens' message but they just don't know it yet, either because they're not aware of the possibilities, or they've been so cowed by the "a 3rd-party vote is a vote for [fill in whatever D or R villain]" propaganda bullshit that they automatically dismiss any third party.

And effectively spreading a message far and wide can more quickly bridge that gap, right? Given that we only have 12 years ...

[Edit: fixed one confusing sentence although there are probably way more ... multitasking hell and not my best grammatical effort!]

[Second edit: even my punctuation sucks tonight!]

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Might of missed it, as far as I know no Green Party Rep has been elected to Congress. So how do they introduce a bill?

So, who is it and how do they raise a bill? Is this some obscure "citizen" thing that "our Congress" will never pay any attention to? Names of actual Congress Critters please.

Confused in fng Houston...

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