Maybe We're Just Screwed, Simple as That

In the last installment of "Big Al's Written Record for the CIA, NSA and FBI", I proposed a national referendum against oligarchy and plutocracy and for democracy and freedom.

That was two days ago. I had done some reading about the vote for independence in Catalonia and became inspired to publicly voice the proposal. I was like, "ya baby, let's have us a referendum! Let's go get us some FREEDOM!! Yippie Kay Yay MFers!"

The desire to start over.

I've been doing a little stoned thinking, and have managed to cobble together a little random experimental philosophy that neatly explains a great deal of why America once held such promise, but now seems to be holding on desperately to the past. It's a thought about what we are and what we desire, and I think it explains a great deal about why people at least in our society, want to start over.

How Keith Olberman Became His Own Parody

Keith Olberman used to be one of my favorite commentators to watch back when MSNBC wasn't always plugging neoliberal bullshit...or perhaps a better way to put it might be, when I was less aware of their neoliberal corporate slant. If you've ever paid any attnetion to his World's Worst segments, what I'm about to bring up will make sense. If you don't remember or have never seen it, here's one below where he mocks 'Lonseome Rhodes' Beck:

Civil Rights Sellouts vs. White Idiots Councils and Why They're Exactly Where White Elites Want Them

Many others have said it here but what Karl Marx once remarked with regards to history bears repeating: History repeats twice. First as a tragedy, then as a farce. And let's just face facts: What we're seeing unfold right now is most definitely a farce in every respect. Nothing good will come of it because the important issues are being ignored. Again.

Welcome to the Bachman Future.

So, was looking at twitter, and noticing all the good, hearty DNC types distributing pictures of the Nazis and demanding that we bring them to justice. Good old fashioned mob justice carried out through everyone paying attention to the photos and checking their neighborhoods for the evil vicious ones who most assuredly might even be YOUR NEIGHBOR...

Aaaaand I realized if you swap out TV for Twitter... we've essentially created "The Running Man."

Lets be Realistic.

One of the things I've been told, time and time again, is that in politics, one must be Realistic.

After all, there are millions of people who all want different things, and getting them to agree on anything is absolutely crazy. Therefore, we have to understand that politics is the science of the possible, and refusal to accept what is in front of our faces is tantamount to childish screaming.

So, let's be Realistic.

An Indignant Rant About Milquetoast 'Centrist' Right-wing Enablers

It's about 8 months after the electoral college handed Dipshit Dumpsterfire Trump the presidency (With the help of Hillary Clinton and the DNC) and the Democratic Party is still whining. Yet for all that whining, they can't seem to shake the very tactics, non-policies and toxic identity politics that led to their loss to begin with.

America Is Not 'The Leader Of The Free World'

Finally can we bury that old chestnut?

Perhaps in the darkest days of World War II, when so much was lost, when hope stood all alone, when many Americans stood up ready to die, perhaps then, in that moment, it meant something real and tangible. Maybe in a few brief instances since was an ideal and a nation actually one and the same.

America first has always been the reality, every action calculated for our own benefit.

Trump, Mika and Joe and why I dont effing care.

These people amongst so many others played with the truth over the years in the name of ratings. They helped create the monsters that rule us, they have helped divide America for their own hubris and greed. So many of these media fakes have made their fortunes by spreading falsehoods, they are no better than Alex Jones and his ilk; just a little less obvious.

Disability Caucus 6/25/17: Help (Not) Wanted

A couple of weeks ago I went to a 'DiverseAbility' job fair hosted by Voc Rehab and other county employment services. Of course the whole thing was a waste of time because they only had a few employers and the rest were just plugging services I already use. Services Flori-Duh's government seems all to happy to slash every fuckin' year.