Is it Possible to Confront Capitalism?

I wonder when the first time someone said, "the rich are getting richer"? I go back to almost the middle of last century and I'm sure I've heard it most of my life, and I probably heard it first from my grandpa who went back to the start of last century. If it keeps going, those rich getting richer, will there come a time when the rich have everything, then it won't have to be said anymore? How is this going to work out in the end? Seems like if it keeps going there will come a time.

My search for a 2500 year old book.

So, as I've mentioned, I've been trying to hunt down a physical copy of Antisthenes' "Odyssey" because I'm interested in viewing how the character of Odysseus was viewed by Antisthenes. From what I understand he had a somewhat more nuanced view of the character, and saw his actions as not heroic, but pragmatic. I find that commentary concept fascinating, since it reduces the character somewhat, and yet makes his journey all the more heroic, sans the gods and the mystical creatures.

My Fellow Cynics

It's amazing how ideas rise and fall, and how certain concepts resound across time whenever power and concentrations of wealth take hold.

Which is how I discovered Cynicism. Be warned, this delves into philosophy, a topic greatly reviled and treated as a matter only for the lazy and those that avoid work.

The False Piety of the Media

So, if you haven't seen the news, it seems that there's a really big issue with ICE separating families, and then... losing the kids.

I'm honestly not surprised in the slightest. Considering I've dealt with the foster care system, I can with no hesitation state that anybody shocked by their incompetence and cruelty has just remained blissfully ignorant.