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My Santa Cruz 4 Bernie Campaign Report for UCSC Campus Organizing 2019
A Case Study in How the Left Cannot Work Together

If we want to change the world via local elections, it is important to put aside personal differences so we can work together to make a more just world, to create the change we want. It is in our interest to be pragmatic and to prioritize things, even, at times things one may not want to do.

I, like many, was hopeful that Bernie Sanders could become the Democratic nominee for President. I, like many, am completely disillusioned with the political process.

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If We Even Get That Far, Part II

Not one part of the election process seems to be legitimate. Not one little tiny weeny iota of it. The primaries were rigged. Bernie was sidelined removed and Biden installed. Now Harris, the chosen one, is brought forth and together they will run as rightful candidates in the 2020 election.

But the election will ultimately be decided when the votes are counted.

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There is no hope

That is what a very vocal minority of people here like to tell everyone.
We can't win. There's no point in trying to defeat TPTB. There is no hope.
They practically yell it from the rooftops.

For arguments sake, let's say they're right.
How have you helped anyone here by telling us this?
Have you improved anyone's life by helping to crush what little hope they have?
It is my firm belief that a life without hope is not a fully lived life.