A Trench Eye View of how to fix the U.S. Military

A caveat here. I am NOT a career soldier. While I loved my time of service, and still do love my country, I only have spent four years in the service. I was for many years before joining what is known as a "Military Hobbyist". Military History has always fascinated me and since I was 14 I've spent time studying it. I am currently about to return to college to finish my History degree. I also joined the Military when I was 32 years old.

Crossing the Rubicon: I will NOT vote for Hillary.

There's a lot of things I've been wanting to say, but even with a ten year track record are hard to express. Fear of rejection, fear of alienating those I respect, but also the desire to be a part of something I love have held my tongue back.

So today, I say all the things I really think. No censor, no holding back.

Looking for a spark of brightness

It's a grey day, full of grey people leading their grey lives. The defeat of HERO in Houston was not unexpected. The recent rhetoric from the sidelines is of concern...especially when it comes to the membership at DK.

It's really quite easy:

Transgender men are men. Transgender women are women. A penis on a transgender woman is a woman's penis. A vagina on a transgender man is a man's vagina.

Averring or Insinuating otherwise is the very definition of transphobia.

Suggesting the abandonment of transgender people in order to increase rights for LGB people is not cool. We are of the body, Landru. All of us.

Please tell me you don't want to be grouped with those people who have recently spoken out against transgender people having equal rights: Phyllis Schlafly, Germaine Greer, Tony Perkins, Pat Robertson, et. al.