The talk on the drive...

So, every morning, I talk to my kids.
That's just part of my daily routine. Alarm at 6, Breakfast done at 6:20, Email checked by 6:45, and on the road by 6:55.
It's a part of the day I relish because I get to actually TALK to my kids without the pressure of dealing with the rest of the day.
Sometimes it's pouring rain and annoying as hell, but I still make the effort.

What's interesting is that I get to vent, and my kids get to understand me a little better. This morning for example, complained to the kids about the BS in politics and how glad I was to have a place to just express my feelings without having the spin doctors tell me my feelings are WRONG.

Sometimes we talk story ideas, superhero ideas, or just goofy stuff. My daughter still doesn't know if she wants to be an artist, a musician, or a designer, or a doctor, so our discussions run the gamut. Books we've read recently, garbage at school. Hell, ANYTHING. It's a joy, and one of the major reasons I will never install a tv or tablet in the freaking car. I need that time with my kids. I don't have much of a social life due to being broke, and everything taking place in the afternoon/evening when I do not have access to a babysitter.

Today I had other things to do after the drop-off, but it meant a lot to me to have that half hour of calm before the storm. Even if it's driving in a literal storm.
For once, I got home and I didn't feel like dealing with the made- up bullshit of the DNC. Fuck em. They want to play little games about who knew what when, while I saw people under the overpasses sheltering from the rain. Many of those folks are vets, sent to wars that were started for exactly this kind of political point scoring.

I would have been disgusted with the system, except this is exactly how it was designed. We sit and debate about whether or not a nebulous amount of data was transferred at one point or another, while death is decided by a ten minute deliberation.

The drama of family bullshit. Which I don't have. Our political system is a big dysfunctional family fighting over who slighted Aunt Tootie last election. The last time we had a couple families fighting this stupidly it lead to the First World War. All it takes is the right spark.


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.. and even if you are close to be broke, you have still something to hang on to. So, don't let the dysfunctional political family get under your skin that it hurts. Not worth it. Really those idiits should be thrown out and ignored. That's all. I think I never knew in my whole life what I "wanted to be". My son might know by now, but knows he will never be the one he wants to be. So, fuck all that and count your blessings as long as you have 'em. Have a good rest of your day, and that's so nice of you to write here. You know, if I would write about what's in my mind, I think I would ... just die in some way or another. So, I just make idiit comments.

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who you are and other adult conversation with your kids. I think it is important that they hear about important things from you instead of their friends.

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