The Perception of American Parties

The reality of perception is an important component in maintaining relations in our society.

This can range from individuals all the way up to government/corporate entities.

Any actions that these entities commit can have a negative or positive effect on their standing in the world. At times, those actions might be so deleterious that it can cause an organization to crumble and blow away in the wind.

Six impossible things before breakfast

How does a sane person deal with the insanity that is America today? The party line on just about every topic one might mention is the wrong side of stupid. The media zeitgeist is to ignore our falling apart ecology, economy, infrastructure, educational system, political system, and foreign policy. Our duty is to worship the crooks on Wall St. and the warmongers in the Pentagon, both of whom are robbing the citizenry blind while providing negative value to the 99% with their "services".

Nancy Pelosi's Bad Day

It was embarrassing watching Nancy Pelosi fumble her way through on MTP this morning.
She and Obama promptly made Anthony Wiener resign over a lewd picture he had posted over the internet.

It is alleged that John Conyers had harassed women for sexual favors and that they were paid off from tax payers funds. Nancy Pelosi was full of praise for Conyers and was quite content to let the House Ethics Committee deal with the matter.