An assessment of the current situation

I wrote a diary titled 'Riley and Brenner's astonishing piece in NLR" which got into an assessment of the current situation which hasn't received publicity. Rather, each political faction operates on a different level of delusion, and very few people believe in a reality-based radicalism which would actually change the situation if it could attain some level of critical mass.

Sports politics for Thanksgiving

1) As we settle in for another settler-colonial holiday, it appears that the time is ripe for an intrusion of those ugly matters of politics into our entertainment fare. There will, as you all well know, be sports spectacle on your tee-vee screens today. For the purposes of this article we will be referring to "spectacle sports," namely, the sports you see on that tee-vee.

What is Joe Biden doing to end homelessness?


What is he doing to end poverty.

What is he doing to reverse inequality.

What is he doing to help struggling businesses and encourage innovative solutions for economic problems?

What is he doing to preserve decent jobs from outsourcing and offshoring?

What is he doing to encourage peace and stop militarism?

What is he doing to turn swords into plowshares?

What is he doing to end the division in our country?

Things I’ve figured out about politics

Politicians are effects, not causes
Radicalizing your base also radicalizes your opponents
Demonized people will, in time, act demonically 
Lumping opposition groups together will bring them together
Attempts to censor and silence the opposition always fail
Failure to engage in debate is the same as losing the debate
Lies have a short shelf life
Hope is a sustainable and effective motivator, anger is not