With permission: Caitlin's on a run.

From down under, comes somebody that has a modestly full understanding of the current political atmosphere up here in benevolent land.
I know some here may not like the leangth of this but quoting will not do.
Go to her site for the full monty.

The Belief That Everything Will Be Fine Once Trump’s Gone Is More Dangerous Than Trump

A great read from naked capitalism.

The New York Times Dual Endorsement of Klobuchar and Warren: This Ain’t It, Chief

Just a taste:

NYT: Good news, then, that Elizabeth Warren has emerged as a standard-bearer for the Democratic left.[1]
[1] A “standard bearer” that is number two in the national polls and raised four million dollars in two days after Sanders stabbed her in the back and accused her of sexism. Oh, wait…

Ain’t No Kind of Political Vision Anywhere

When a community has troubles coming down the line, when the people need some way to address those troubles… That’s when you need Vision. Not talking here about virtuous generalizations: “All people should be free,” “We need to respect nature” kind of things. Nor am I talking about ideological nor technological supposed “remedies.” Those have their place, but there’s a ton of things that are…


Matt Taibbi's Ubiquitous Brilliance !

Matt Taibbi's everywhere this month, especially over the past few days. As some reading this may remember (going back over a decade at "the other place"), I've been a huge fan of his for a long time. I was active in Boston political media, back in the early 80's, when his father, Mike, was a leading local newscaster there; and I met him (and worked countless times with his tv station's news staff) a few times, as well.