OMG, The Horror, The Horror

I was initially surprised to see that some voting for the DNC chair feared that Ellison would "push the party too far to the left". "You're kidding, he's mainstream", thought I. Then, the part of my mind that has been a close observer of and sometime participant in history for about 60 years remembered. "Were'nt the self-styled liberals, nearly all of them mainstream Democrats, the folks constantly sushing everybody on the left throughout the late fifties and the sixties?

People Don't Like Hard Questions (or How Feminism is Killing the Left))

I expect a lot from the authors and posters here. I expect that you're informed on the issues of the day. I expect your stories to be true when portrayed as true, to the very best of your abilities. It is expecting a lot perhaps, but I've seen a sliver of your souls. And I'm comforted. For I am certain that you expect a lot of yourselves also. You hold yourselves to high standards here. Standards of intellectual honesty and compassion, among other nobler qualities. Evidence and reality.

Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Trump, Brexit and the Crisis of Liberalism

We need to understand what the liberals already know but are unwilling to admit publicly; liberalism is in a deep crisis. The liberal wing of the ruling class has caught itself on the horns of a dilemma.

On the one hand, the Liberals serve the interests of capitalism, in that sense the shift from Keynesian Liberalism to Neoliberalism comes about due to the economic crisis following the demise of Keynesianism due to stagflation in the 1970s.

I'm More Than My Identity

This election cycle has brought forth the destructive nature of Identity Politics. Instead of Democrats looking at how their morally-compromised, ethically-challenged, corrupt, hawkish, neoliberal candidate lost, they instead have turned towards it is the racist's faults, the misogynist's fault, the white, working class' fault.

Purity: A Thought Experiment

As the Democrats dissect the carcass of their failed 2016 election against Donald Trump, many contenders are being brought forward for their horrendous campaign. Of course, many of these ideas are misplaced, misguided, or just outright wrong; however, throughout the campaign and even after, there was a category of lines used against progressives.

Stop being so pure

You purists just need to get behind Hillary


Just a few of the many facets to the recent Standing Rock delay

I have written much about the drastic changes we need to make if we are to survive our self- made crisis. There is no need to point these things out to the water protectors at Standing Rock. I only wonder if the rest of us really understand this.
Today there was a pause in construction announced. This is a victory for all people on the planet. It has significance in many ways. Surely the protection of the water is the obvious one.