Embedding Videos Again

One more time. I've noticed folks still having a hard time embedding videos.

It's pretty easy to embed youtube and other videos the old fashion way by using the share link.

Go to the video page that you want to embed (we'll use youtube as an example), Click the "Share" link below the video, then click the "Embed" link, then click the "copy" link (that will copy the embed code to your browser), then right click and "paste" the code into the essay or comment body and you're done.

If you want to center the code in the page, highlight all of the code you just embedded and then click the "C" button in the icons above the box (c99text editor) and that will center your video. The "C" button or icon is short for "center".

Almost all the different video sites will have a "Share" or "Embed" link somewhere, you may have to search a bit but it's there.

This FAQ in Method 3 explains it as well.

I had previously recommended using the "Video URL" box below the c99 text editor but I had forgotten that it only allows one video at a time to be posted, my bad.

Mastering the share links on the various video sites will allow you to embed almost all videos on the web. It's also how you embed twitter tweets as well.

I hope to eventually fix the video filter so as to get the video icon working again. There was a major conflict between the c99 software and the video filter code that was causing severe problems site-wide.

Sorry about the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

Important Announcement - Embedded Videos Part II

Let's try this again.

The c99 text editor is the box where you write your comments and essays. The row of icons above it make it easier to format HTML. The icon that some here used to embed videos has been disabled because it was causing a bug in the c99 software.

The video icon worked by going to a youtube video and copy the URL and then pasting it into the now disabled video icon box. The URL of a web page is the web page's address shown in the address bar at the top of web browsers. The video icon no longer works but there is an easy solution.

Below the c99 text editor is a long box titled "Video URL". That "Video URL" box works exactly the same as the icon did. Simply paste the video URL into the box and it will display just like the icon did. It's actually even easier to use than the icon was.

More below the fold.

Important Announcement - Embedded Videos

It was recently brought to my attention by several members that the text editor was malfunctioning and at times would eat partial essays they were preparing. I wasn't able to diagnose the problem until I was able to reproduce it, which happened to me recently as I lost an essay and had to redo it.

I've spent the last couple of days hunting down the bug and finally came to the conclusion that it is being caused by a video filter in the video icon above the text editor. I have since disabled that function and because of that using the video icon no longer works. That's the bad news. The good news is that the same thing can be accomplished by using the video field titled "Video URL" below the text editor. Simply enter the video URL into the box and it will display just like the video icon did. Or you can use the share feature that's included with almost all video formats across the web to embed your videos. See the FAQs for further help for embedding video.

Sometime this morning I will remove the video icon above the text editor until I can get it working correctly.

I'm fairly certain the video filter was causing the problem, but if anyone has any loss of text in the text editor again, please let me know. Or any other problem as far as that goes.

Sorry about any inconvenience but the problem is easily worked around by using the "Video URL" function below the text editor. Redundancy is a good thing sometimes.

Thanks folks.

The Reports of c99's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

We're back.

I went to bed last Friday evening and awoke Saturday morning to c99 being not only down, but gone. After doing everything I could to bring it back I made the determination that the problem was server side. It was out of my hands.

So I called our web host. The initial respondent tried a couple of things to no avail, so she gave me a service ticket and then told me it would take 24-48 hours for a tech to take a look at the problem. 24-48 hours, WTF! So I waited for the 48 hour time frame, which was Monday, and still no c99. So I called again and was reassured that they were working on it. Finally yesterday (Tuesday) the front page came back, but only the front page and nothing worked on the site. So I contacted then again last night. This morning I awoke to c99 back on line.

To say the least I am not a happy camper about what happened. The 24-48 hour wait, which turned out to be much longer, is unacceptable. I will be shopping for a new web host.

Anyway, welcome back.

Here's Why the Conversations in these Threads are Important

Have we grown too thin skinned to accept other opinions? Have we become so divided that we wont listen to each other anymore?

It's important that we have these discussions, even with the acrimony. It's how we learn from each other. Both sides of the issues, on the same site, in black and white, I know it's a novel idea in this day and age. That's why c99 is an open discussion zone. Free range politics means we chickens can roam wherever we want.

Have you ever visited an echo chamber of a site, but stopped short of commenting because of the animosity, knowing you'll be banned for speaking up? You can do that here, for the world to see. There are folks that read this site every day, looking for answers. You wont find any answers in an echo chamber, unless one is looking for bias confirmation.

c99 Web Host Maintenance

I received this several days ago. The intermittent outages this morning are probably related to this maintenance. As far as I know Putin has nothing to do with it.

Hi [name redacted],

Bluehost is dedicated to ensuring your account is secure and reliable, and your online success is our number-one priority.
With that in mind, we will be performing server maintenance on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, between 10PM and 6AM Eastern Time (ET).
During this maintenance window, there will be approximately 15 minutes of downtime while work is performed.
We assure you that every effort is being made to minimize any impact to your site and ensure that your environment is restored to normal operation as soon as possible.
Your Bluehost Team

I'm still here......

Just a short note to let everybody know I'm still here and following matters as best as I can.

I've been dealing with a few system hardware issues (laptop DC power jack issues) but I am still hereabouts.

A few spats about COVID-19 aren't enough to keep me away from here! c99's stuck with me unless and until Monsieur le Conqueroo throws me out!!



I've been tethered to this site for almost seven years. Every day, day in, day out. Seven days a week, 365 days a year. All holidays and special events.

Every. Day. For. Almost. Seven. Years.

I'm going to log off and take a break from this place. Don't know when I'll be back.