Some Clarification on Essay Content and Sourcing

C99 is a non-partisan site. That means that the site itself takes no official stance on any political party or candidate. Users are free to support any candidate or party across the political spectrum, from left to right. You are liable to see essays and comments here that also span that political arc. We are an open discussion board that takes pride in tolerance and a lack of censorship unless it is beyond the pale of civility. Beyond the pale of civility is a blanket term but I think we all would agree that there are some things that should be out of bounds and we would all recognize them as such if they were to pop up.

Meta Monkeyshines: The FAQs and only the FAQs

Several days ago the c99p Monkey Team was assembled (see photo below), with apologies, please ignore that the Team are actually apes, but that is another tail, err tailess, err tale. With an important commission in mind, the Team and myself were locked in a undisclosed location for three days, a store of libation including a 50 gallon drum of coffee for the Team leader and several drums of banana smoothies for the coalition of the willing, willing that is, as long as the smoothies flowed freely.

More meta monkeyshines below the fold...

An update on members hecate and Knucklehead...

...and a notification of some down time.

We still haven't heard from either of them and under the circumstances that is understandable.

Since right after the recent California fires the plan has been to raise some funds with the goal of getting some supplies or whatever may be needed directly to our friends who have been affected.

Folks, We Need to Come Together for One of Our Own

In case you haven't heard, there has been a large and dangerous wildfire in Northern California that started yesterday morning. From what I've read and seen the town of Paradise has been devastated.

One of our dear friends and author, hecate, lives in that general area with his beloved pets. Folks, if you pray to any deity, please do. Let us bring our collective consciousness together for his sake. Cross your fingers and your toes if you think that may help. If nothing else please keep him in your thoughts.

a few tips on using the C99% commenting software

(File my tips in the FWIW category in case I’m mistaken. I’m not sure on some of the terminology, so there’s that as well.  or even under: GetStuffed,)  ; )

First, there’s a Subject line, followed by the body of the comment.  if one doesn’t use a few words in the Subject space, and instead only uses the big body box, some of the words repeat, making quite a jumble.

I Need Some Input

I've been optimizing the site code and architecture the last few days, you should see a noticeable improvement in the time it takes to load the pages.

My question is: this morning I received an email from a member stating that after a recent FireFox automatic update the text on the site is displayed in bold. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Have you seen any other anomalies that have popped up over the last few days?

Have you seen any gold coins laying around anywhere lately, because if you have, they're mine. I swear, I misplaced them and can't figure out where they are.