Administrative reminder to take it easy on each other

This site has a broad range of people with a broad range of opinions. That's one of the things that makes it interesting.

This kind of site can only remain viable if people recognize that other's opinions will vary from their own and respect the person while they are politely disagreeing with their opinion.

What is c99?

C99 is censoring! I'm leaving!

C99 wont censor! I'm leaving!

Welcome to my world.

Every day I bite my tongue and suppress my biases for the common good of this site. A site owners words can become gospel. I don't want that. I try to remain as neutral as possible.

Just a few short weeks ago there was a huge clamor on this site over media censorship and how corporations are doing the governments first amendment's dirty work. No fucking censorship was the war cry. It was the hill folks were willing to die on. It was very contentious and heated. I have no doubt folks left c99 because of it.

I now hear subtle pleas for censorship here at c99, and some that are not so subtle. Is censorship that subjective? Censorship for thee but not for me? I have no doubt people will leave over that as well.

Where does that leave c99?

In a world of fear, uncertainty and doubt, I hold these truths self evident:

I remember the original premise of this site. That is; everyone should be able to voice their opinions, short of insulting other users.

No one knows what the future will bring, no one. Not even science. Predictions can be made but no one knows for sure. No one.

Covid has proven to be the most valuable tool in the arsenal of those that wish to divide us.

Help Wanted

The Thursday and possibly Saturday Open Threads are currently open if anyone is interested in filling those positions. Please inquire within.

I'd like to extend a huge thank you to magiamma for her excellent climate change themed OTs, they will be sorely missed. Thank you magi, yeoman's work, my friend.

Also a huge thank you to smiley7 for all the joy and culture he has brought us here at c99 on Saturdays. Thank you smiley.

By the way folks, smiley is still on the fence regarding giving up the Saturday OT so if you are so inclined please use this opportunity to nudge him back on the proper side of said fence, for culture's sake, mkay?

A huge thank you to all Open Thread authors both past and present, you folks are the bread and butter of the community.

A huge thank you to all that participate here, whether lurker, commenter, or essayist, this site would be pretty damn boring without you all.

And lastly a huge thank you to those that donate to keep the doors open here at the open range. Without your monetary help c99 wouldn't be here at all. We take great pride in our no ads policy and it's you who are making that big fuck you to corporate advertising possible.

Thanks everyone, you're the best!

Happy 6th Anniversary c99

Six years ago today c99 went on line. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us. Thanks to all who contribute content. Thanks to all who contribute monetarily to keep this ship afloat. Thank you c99ers. You all are the best!

We've been floating the idea of virtual Zoom meetups hosted by joe shikspack and myself. Anyone interested? If we can't meet up in meat space we sure can do it in ether space. It might be fun. Give us some input.


Dying on Aligator Ed Hill

Sirena has her own blog. Ever since she's joined here she's been attempting to peel off c99 members to join her blog. Political blogging is a blood sport behind the scenes, it's ruthless. C99 is a small blog but smaller blogs love to peel off members from the larger ones. That's just the way it is.

Folks, this Alligator Ed thing is a staged protest meant to turn folks from this site. It's all faux outrage.

For the Sake of c99

I'll make this short.

Divisiveness was the cause of the big drop off in participation here after the 2016 election. No ifs, ands, or buts about it, I'm in a position to know. It seemed like some folks couldn't resist the urge to spike the ball in the end zone, wag fingers, vote shaming, I told you so, etc., etc..

I see the same thing shaping up again this election.

C99 survived the last bout of divisiveness but I don't know if it will survive this round. A large open discussion board can withstand a big reduction in participants, a smaller site not so much. Another reduction in member participation does not bode well for c99's future.

I ask you, please, before you click the publish button ask yourself is this post constructive or meant to be divisive.

Please do it for the sake of c99.