Springtime For Hillary

(To The Tune of "Springtime For Hitler" By Mel Brooks)

CHORUS: (Needs to be incredibly ethnically diverse, but all wearing Identical Costumes.)

USA was having trouble
What a sad, sad branding
Needed the right leader to restore
Its global standing
Where, oh, where was she?
Where could that strongindependentwomanwhototallymadeonherown be?
We looked around and then we found
The gal for you and me


The Rule of the Complete Fool (CNU Lecture Series)

Cascadia National University Lecture Hall, February 2518

Good morning. Please use the handrails installed on the side of the stairs, use every step on your way to your seats and ensure that you do not encroach on the space of your neighbor. I want to warn you that this lecture may contain information you are not comfortable hearing, and therefore if you have any special concerns please address them now.

The Rise of the Tribes (CNU Lecture Series)

Cascadia National University, Lecture Hall, January 2518

So, today we're going to delve a little more into the Fall of the American Empire, because when one talks about how an empire falls, it can be easy to ignore the forest for the trees. Even that phrase had less connotations to an American than it does to us, for example.

Any Therapist's Office. Every Single Day.

(A Small Sketch)

Carl: Hi Mary, Great to see you! How are you Doing today!

Mary: Actually Carl, I've decided that I'm not going to be talking to you for a while.

Carl: Ok, I don't think it's a good idea for you to quit therapy at this time, but would you mind explaining?

Mary: I don't see why I should listen to somebody who's been lying to me.

Carl: What do you mean?

A Video I would like to make.

Political Mythbusters. (Thanks to Pindar for the idea!)

(Exterior, Day. A man stands next to a large collection of metal plates)


Hi! I'm Detroit, and I'm here to do essentially what the president does every day. I'm going to make pronouncements. The only difference is that after every single one of them, I'm going to show you why this idea will or will not work. I'm going to put the theories into practice on the basic, practical level.

So, I wanna start a Co-Op.

But I have no idea how to go about it. So, I'm asking for some advice on Co-Ops from those who know.

Here's the tentative plan.

I know a lot of wannabee craftsmen/blacksmiths who want to work but are stuck paying a couple hundred dollars a day at LEAST for forge time because we have no space that's available. The Idea is to pool resources, get a workspace and a communal set of tools.

Magic will not solve your problems (Post-Industrial Tale)

I speak of the days of old, when men were like gods and yet felt they deserved more. I tell the tale of the days when the magic of the soul phones was everywhere and wizards were as common as people. Even children wielded magic, and its power to distract, amuse and control were within the hands of all.

DMW Forges ahead

So, I recently took up blacksmithing. Specifically, I began forging metal into functional tools, and hope to eventually do art in the medium. Now, I am by no means an expert, and this is a craft that stretches back to the bronze age, and so it is amazing to think how little thought of it is in this day and age. First off, some appropriate music for a last stand in a righteous cause.

The Logos of Odysseus

I do not ask that you feel my pain and live my life,
for to inflict the burdens of war upon the people
would defeat the entire purpose for which I went to war.
For the battles the people are told of are fair tales,

Meant to inspire some youth to emulate our example.
For him to forge his body into a tool that obeys
no matter the shape that the smith dictates.
Many dream of a being mighty spear or shield, but