A Friend Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

One of my cats has been having problems with his teeth and his left eye for the last few weeks. Today we brought him in for surgery this morning thinking a few teeth had to be removed and maybe he needed a shot of antibiotics for what we thought was pink eye that we tried to treat a couple weeks before with some ointment.

An Update on My Cat

A little while ago I wrote about the tough decision to re-home my cat, Mr. Mittens. After spending a few days on my partner's grandmother's porch and being told he's too old to adopt (He will be 10 in March), my mother in law decided to take him (it was her partner's idea) and it seems to be going pretty well considering he's now living with another cat and a small dog, a Chorkie, they call them. He's been wearing a Feliway collar while acclimating.

Losing a Friend, Update 2

Yesterday the local humane society couldn't take Mr. Mittens so he's at my partner's grandmother's house staying on the porch with everything he needs. We also had a guy over to clean the carpets and may have to replace them for obvious reasons. My mother-in-law told me he's happy to be outside on the enclosed porch so I guess that's something for now. He can enjoy the outdoors and he's pretty well cared for but I'll feel uneasy until I know for sure he has a permanent home again.

It's Done. (Losing a Friend, Update)

My mother in law picked up Mr. Mittens (The Brownish One) today. Even though it feels like being kicked in the stomach, there's already a family ready meet him and possibly take him in. I'll give the folks at my local humane society credit. They do great work with animals. And they've always been great with him, Pumpkin and Midnight.

Losing a Friend (With Pictures)

A while back I wrote a diary asking for help with litter box trouble. Well, after years and years of trying everything we could think of, we can't think of any other choice than to re-home the little guy. I guess I should have expected this after we moved into a condo with carpet a couple years ago and have had to spend a fortune dealing with that and the stress that came with it.

Black Cats and Attitudes: Street Prophets Sunday All Day Brunch

Welcome to Sunday Brunch. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new with you. As many of you know I am owned by a black cat named Pixie. She can be very loving but boy does she have an attitude.

Pixie has a loud voice when she meows. When it is close to what she thinks suppertime should be she starts yelling to me. The closer to the time she is fed the more the meow comes out NOW.