Doctor Doug Texting for Sleepy Joe

It’s George Clooney.

We’re still in the battle for the soul of our nation. We know who Trump is, and we know what he does. We can’t let him take us backwards. And we can’t let fear drive our country.

Joe and Kamala’s message of hope and belief in a better future for all is one that I believe in, and I know that this election is the only way to guarantee that future.

The Weekly Watch

A Law unto Themselves

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By now I suspect everyone has heard that Scott Ritter was stopped from boarding a plane to Istanbul and on to St. Petersburg by three storm troopers. Larry reported Friday that TPTB basically used a technicality to take his passport. He is in the process of getting another with the correct codes. The trial against Hunter also seems a reach. Ironically there are so many things for which he could be correctly prosecuted...like not registering as a foreign agent, taking bribes from foreign countries, passing money to the Biden cartel, and so on...not to mention drugs and prostitution. I suspect he will not be convicted. Of course there's the ongoing lawfare against Trump, not to mention Amish farmers like Amos Miller, Alex Jones, and many others. TPTB definitely think they are a law unto themselves.

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Album of the Week 6-8-24

Afternoon folks!

There's a bunch of great stuff this week. Starting off, we've got two women blues belters from different generations of the blues, Koko Taylor and Big Maybelle. After that we've got a 1968 album from a fellow known as the father of the British blues, Alexis Korner followed by a mid-70's album from harmonica player Charlie Musselwhite. Then there's a great album from guitarist Wilko Johnson (from Dr. Feelgood) and Roger Daltrey (from the Who) and Creedence Clearwater Revival's first album. After that, there's a late career album from Lonnie Mack and we finish up with a rock album from guitarist Chris Spedding.

Enjoy the tunes and have a great weekend!

Saturday Open Thread: 6/8/24 - Odds and Ends

I had such an intense work week, I didn't get to dig deeply into current events.

I am still here, which is a verification no nukes dropped this week. I intend to keep on top of this.

Nevertheless, the constant hints that, ya know, we have nukes, is incessant. (I ain't scared, sonsofbitches. Nice try.)

A client, age 85, came in this week to sign her will, and we talked about bird feeders, and she is inundated with red birds. I asked if she ever called them cardinals, and she fell out laughing.

So, red bird fledglings, rabbit sightings, a three day break from thunderstorms, a zydeco concert coming up Sunday, and four cases settling without trial...and, walnut caterpillars!

On a pecan tree at my office! I have 4 on the property! Read up on them and what they do to pecan orchards in Texas, and you'll see why I resorted to poison immediately! Got them all! Not one of those devastating caterpillars escaped, but my pecan trees did. Not a fan of poison, but they were at the point of a next stage, had to be sprayed with Sevin right then. I headed straight to the feed store as soon as we identified them. Everything we read said not one should get a crawl away.


Friday Night Photos Small World Edition

Happy Friday everyone. I hope everybody is doing well. Post any photos, memes, or music you like.

Before last week's camera club meeting at the photo arts building in Balboa Park I stopped by the park's rose garden with the macro lens hoping to find lots of bugs. Unfortunately it was a slow bug day and I didn't find much. Oh well. Some days you bite the bear and some days the bear bites you.
Since the pickin's were so slim I included a few (#3 & #6) from a previous visit to the cactus garden.

Staring into the abyss