Tulsi to Campaign until the Convention and New Polls (Non-Qualifying)

In Dover, New Hampshire yesterday, Tulsi announced she is in the competition all the way until the Democratic Convention next summer.

Tulsi in until Convention

In the Economist/YouGov national poll, Tulsi measures as the first choice for 3% of respondents (of course a non-qualifying poll, see page 126):

Economist/YouGov Poll

Interestingly, in the pages before that, Tulsi is under consideration as a potential candidate people would vote for by 8% of the population, which is quite a jump from previous polls.

In that same poll, Kamala Harris is first choice for 5%.

Also, this just in from Massachusetts--Tulsi achieved 2% for that state for the first time according to a Boston Globe/Suffolk poll:

Boston Globe/Suffolk Poll

Looks like she has some strength in the New England region. Of course, that poll doesn't qualify either. Kamala Harris has 3% in that same poll.


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Tulsi is tough!

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I know there will be discussion about how this may affect Bernie's run for the nomination.

The bottom line for me is this: Tulsi remaining in the race will keep the heat turned way up on the DNC.

As I've noted before, Tulsi seems to be playing the long game. She will continue building her base as well as taking on the Dem establishment in ways that Bernie cannot or will not.

By staying in the race, she is calling out the lie that if a candidate doesn't (is not allowed to) participate in the Dem debates, their candidacy is automatically dead. That lie is a manufactured narrative, created "from whole cloth" by the DNC, in its usual corrupt and tiresome manner.

I've noticed both Marianne Williamson and Andrew Yang pushing back against the narrative, as well.

As time goes by, the DNC gets more and more overt in its rigging shenanigans.

Meanwhile, fewer people are buying the act. More and more people are standing up and pointing out what's going on, and refusing to play along.

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Some of the other candidates have indicated that they are staying in, as well.

The Democratic Party is starting to look like they are rigging the elections, again. Like when they scheduled the debates between Bernie and Hillary during times when no one would be watching. The people want to eliminate the candidates themselves, with their Primary votes. But first they want to get to know them. That contrived business with the "approved polls" of the Party Bosses stinks of election tampering.

The Party want's to clamp down on Topics and Issues and limit People's exposure to too many ideas, or to ideas that may run contrary to what the Party wants to push. The Party's pre-selected candidate may expose too much if forced to address forbidden topics.

Americans need more debates, not less. They need to be exposed to more candidates and political possibilities, not fewer. They have a lot of catching up to do. Instead, they'll get a bum's rush into a pre-determined election. How can they miss it?

I look at it this way: This is what it looks like when you try to squeeze two very different political Parties into one tent — the Neoliberal-Center-Right Dems and the American Left Wing. You end up with too many candidates, open fizzures and opposing ideologies, war vs. peace, split votes, workers rights vs corporate corruption, resentment and suspicion.

The single payer Medicare for All issue is set to crack this divided Party wide open before the Primary voting even begins. Because it will become clear whether the American People have human rights — or whether they do not, which means some Americans are always pushed out to die of medical neglect.

The US is going to get a Left Wing Party — a People's Party, a Labor Party — for the first time in its history. The Left can no longer be suppressed and silenced inside the Democratic Party. Members of the authentic Left are not going to vote for a Corporate-MIC Dem who is weaseling out of Universal health care, again. The general electorate is already far to the left of the political establishment. That's the big secret they are trying to hide with all their fear mongering and weaponized words.

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@Pluto's Republic

... The Democratic Party is starting to look like they are rigging the elections, again. ...

Please allow me to fix your sentence for you. Here you go:

The Democratic Party is starting to look like they are rigging the elections, again.

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I guess I meant that their arrogant manipulations are becoming obtrusive and annoying. Shouldn't they be sneaking around when they trick the vote?

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The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.
– Albert Camus
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@Pluto's Republic

Well, yeah, I've been saying it since '16; you probably have, too! Smile

I guess it's expected by me now. I used to get pretty pissed thinking about it, especially since our tax money goes to pay for the games their little private club holds ... known as elections. Pissed, that is, until I considered all the other crooked and immoral things our tax money goes toward. Now-a-days, it's just a steady burn.

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Actually, I am not surprised because as most of us who support Tulsi know, her run for President is motivated by getting her message out. Her message is more important at this stage than actually winning.

The more people hear Tulsi, the more she wins them over. This is exactly why the DNC is turning itself into pretzels to keep her from being heard. Like Centaurea, I believe Tulsi is playing a long game.

For example, as long as we are engaged in wars all over the globe, we do not have the money to implement much needed domestic programs. As long as we continue to saber rattle, we cannot begin to address climate change which requires negotiating in good faith with other major countries contributing to the problem. Tulsi both understands these issues and has articulated them in her speeches, but no other candidate has make those linkages so clear.

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RCP has her at 2% in a Wapo/ABC national poll? Wapo/ABC seems like enough of a questionable combinable to count as a qualifying poll.

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ABC News and the Washington Post are reporting the same poll differently. Wash Post has her at 2%, and is only including the registered voters poll results. ABC is reporting her at 1% and is including all poll responders (not just registered voters).

Having said that, Washington Post is a qualified DNC poll taker, and RealClearPolitics is including Tulsi at 2% for this poll.

I posted a new essay. CBS/YouGov polls are coming out tomorrow for the early states (and possibly the entire country). Tulsi already has New Hampshire qualifying poll from them, so new New Hampshire results don't really count towards her qualifying. But, there is potential in Iowa and other states, as well as nationally, for her to qualify for the 4th debates.

Fingers crossed!

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