Tulsi Polls at 6% in New Hampshire HarrisX Poll--In 4th Place, Ahead of Kamala Harris!!! (Update at bottom)

For all those thinking the recent Emerson poll giving Tulsi 6% in New Hampshire was a fluke, here is a second poll confirming that 6% status:

HarrisX New Hampshire Poll

What is interesting about this poll is that only Biden, Sanders, and Warren score above Tulsi. Everyone else is below her, including Harris and Buttigieg.

These are both non-qualifying polls for the debates. But it's obvious Tulsi's ground game in NH is doing quite well. While continuing that, she is also ramping up her ground game in Iowa as well.


UPDATE: Someone on Reddit did a Google Trends search over the past 90 days to see which presidential candidates are getting the most searches on Google. The results are very interesting for Tulsi:

First Place: Hawaii
Second Place: Wyoming, Montana
Third Place: New Hampshire, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, South Carolina, Nevada, and Mississippi

Those are the states she has a top 3 ranking in internet searches. The results can be seen here.

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look at the side questions. I bet those voters liked puppies and cherry pie as well.

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A PROUD Hillary hater since 1993

RealClearPolitics does not have this poll in their list of polls, but FiveThirtyEight does.

On RealClearPolitics (RCP), this brings Tulsi's New Hampshire average down quite a bit (currently at 3.8%). Add a new 6% poll to that average, and she's be in the middle 4% area. HarrisX is generally included in RCP's polling list (the latest one shown on RCP is a Trump favorability poll from HarrisX).

Also, in the drop down list of primary states to look at for RCP, it lists--National, Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Florida. No New Hampshire (or South Carolina for that matter). Someone looking to see how candidates are doing in New Hampshire have a very hard time finding that information, and things like this, also, keeps Tulsi out of view.

A lot of the manipulation is subtle, but I have to think it is done with purpose.

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