Turkey ready to invade Syria

This is escalating fast.
The other day I posted this essay about the danger our troops in northern Syria are in.
Then yesterday this happened.

Turkish forces shelled a Kurdish-controlled area of northern Syria, killing four Kurdish militants, Turkish state broadcaster TRT said on Wednesday, and Kurdish-led forces said they responded to Turkish attacks by hitting a Turkish army vehicle.

On October 17th, Ankara gave a 20 day deadline. That deadline has almost arrived.

Turkey has completed preparations for a new operation in northern Syria to “destroy” a U.S.-backed Kurdish militia that Ankara considers to be a terrorist group, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday.

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) militia holds territory east of the Euphrates river, where Turkey has repeatedly threatened to launch an fresh offensive.

“We are going to destroy the terrorist structure in the east of the Euphrates. We have completed our preparations, plans, programmes regarding this issue,” Erdogan told lawmakers from his ruling party in parliament.

Manbij is the flashpoint, but yesterday's shelling wasn't anywhere near Manbij.

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do we defend the Kurds or placate our Turkish NATO ‘ally’. And we’ve known it for a long long time. The Kurds were just fine as long as they were fighting and dying while trying to defeat ISIS/ISIL/Daesch or whatever you want to call them. That’s while our NATO Turkish ‘ally’ was supplying I/I/D with gas to keep their trucks rolling.

It’s now shit or get off the pot time. Which side do we choose?

We shouldn’t be over there in the first place.

Thanks Obama.

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Last Sunday, the 60 Minutes TV show had a big leading story about how heroic American troops, working with some Kurds, had defeated ISIS in at least 1/3rd of Syria and brought peace and stability and happiness to the region.

Why oh why are those turkeys in Turkey trying to undo our good work?

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