The Duran (with Robert Barnes) on American Politics

This was an especially well-informed discussion of American politics, which isn't common these days. There is also a bit of discussion about international politics: Ukraine, the Middle East, Spain. Some of it was great, other parts not so great. Long having been a watcher of the two Alexes, I was wondering about their take on American politics. I guess they let this guy Barnes speak for them. It is long: 2.5 hours. Below are some critical notes.

Some of the Trump discussion is nice. The discussion of Russia/ Ukraine is nice. The depiction of America's consolidated political elites is nice. The depiction of the Biden administration is nice. It is clear -- and the Duran has been forthcoming about pointing this out -- that US elite handling of "foreign policy" has been an unmitigated disaster.

The depiction of Trump has omissions. Mostly what they've missed is that Trump is a lazy narcissist who in all likelihood has criminal connections of his own. In that regard, it's no wonder that Trump tried to work with the elites during his term in the White House -- it was the easiest thing to do, and Trump would rather spend his time eating junk food or playing golf. (In fact, it must be said that the Trump administration tended to favor the worst elites. Jeff Sessions? John Bolton?) If past practice is a clue, Trump will be a low-energy President once again. Trump's lazy narcissism is, amusingly enough, what makes him superior to the grasping narcissism of the any of the US foreign policy elites currently trying to bring the world to ruin.

Moreover, it's of course quite likely that none of the cases against Trump will touch any real criminal connection he might have because -- if they exist -- any such connection will also be protected by the people who want Trump prosecuted. The question about all of the Trump indictments, however, is narrowly one of whether or not Trump will be found innocent or guilty. (I could give a damn if the prosecutors suck.) It would be too much to expect a YouTube video to establish that one way or another. That being said, I can't say I'm afraid of a second Trump presidency.

The American Revolution only granted "equal rights" to property-owning white males of European descent. This is not merely a "woke" criticism. Rather, the various hierarchies, the legitimization of all of the various butcheries and plundering throughout American history, were made possible by a society which still retained some of the lineaments of the Roman class system even while proclaiming the "equality of man." There's a reason the 19th century socialists favored the "proletariat" -- Karl Marx knew who the proletarii were. A lot of the garbage thrown about in this country about "freedom" concerns the freedom of the well-connected, without reference to the "freedom" of those who work all the time and still can't afford to pay expenses. The point to observe in all of this is that all of the flag-waving about American values in this dialogue concerns a much smaller potato than its participants will let on. Real strength is to be found in uprisings.

The points about RFK Jr. are well-taken. RFK Jr.'s tone on Israel/ Palestine is, however, hurtful to his own prospects. What's important to remember is that RFK Jr. is not Joe Biden, and he's not Nikki Haley or Ron DeSantis.

This bunch doesn't have much to say about the fate of civilians in Gaza.

Alexander Mercouris appears at one point to omit the serious possibility that the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hezbollah could escalate into something more destructive. They are, it must be observed, now killing each other.

I have no idea how Catalonian secession could benefit EU elites. After listening to this dialogue, I still have no idea.

So there it is, folks. They have the guts to oppose what needs to be opposed, which is to say, Biden. I suppose I should repeat, here, what makes Biden especially egregious. The problem, of course, is that there are still an enormous number of people in the US who really ought to know better who still support this guy. His early-stage dementia notwithstanding, Biden is a folksy, aw-shucks agent of class warfare against the public, the masses, the working class, and the poor who has been dolled up by the Nice Liberals with Big Egos as the savior of humankind. Declines in Biden's support should be looked at, therefore, as unambiguous steps in the direction of liberation.

That said, I found this dialogue interesting and ambiguous. Watch it if you've got the time.

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Trump's lazy narcissism is, amusingly enough, what makes him superior to the grasping narcissism of the any of the US foreign policy elites currently trying to bring the world to ruin.

Too few people appreciate this; in fact, my personal and sincere thanks for corroborating this assessment for me.

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