Hillary's Speech Yesterday in Florida Sounded Like Bernie, but

I found Hillary's speech yesterday interesting in that she sounded very much like Bernie Sanders in some ways. Of particular interest was the section of her speech where she lambasted wall street and the bankers and promised to rain them in and tax them properly.

8 reasons for the left to continue working within the Democratic party

No surprise, I’m deeply disappointed Bernie did not win the nomination. I’m also disappointed by the convention which in some ways overtly sidelined the left to appeal to “moderate Republicans”. Tacking to the center is a quite standard strategy when primaries are over. Hillary would not be the first or the last candidate to do it. Back in March, I said it may not be the best strategy for this cycle, since Trump jumps about all over the place on the ideological spectrum. I haven’t seen anything yet that changes my views on the matter.

Bernie Your Speech Tonight Needs to Reclaim Democracy

This email scandal about the DNC is only going to get worse and Bernie you can in no way, shape or form stand on the podium tonight and endorse Hillary. She and the entire DNC are perpetrating a fraud on the American people and once you hug her from the stage you will be covered head to toe in Clinton Goo, like so many others. Just asked Comey & Lynch, both of whom have destroyed their reputations, which they took a lifetime to build up.

So Now We Can Guess What That Lynch/Clinton Meeting Was About

Hey Loretta I just wanted to stop for a minute to talk to you about how we can protect you so you don't get all caught up in this email nonsense.

Our people have told us that the FBI is ready with their report, they just need to interview Hillary and the party needs to finalize this process ASAP (unknown to Loretta Bill heard from his sources the day before and knows they are going to rap her on the knuckles a bit but will not be recommending prosecution).