Hillary's undeclared $400,000 + gift from Bill Browder

What am I gonna do when HRC, Podestas, Bubba, Hussein, Waters, Pelosi depart the scene, voluntarily or involuntarily? Where will the laughs come from when they're gone. I know, I know: it only hurts when I laugh--which ain't as often when my medication wears off.

Theme and Variations on a theme by Hillary, section 1, part A

I came across this vintage article, but like classical music never seems to lose its allure. Just as a great Bach fugue withstands re-hearing many times, we are able to re-enjoy some sweet tastes of the recent past.

Theme: I shudda won--You Americans are stupid!

Variation 1: The Russians hacked me to death.

Part A: It's because of them that I had no platform.

The Trump of Washington, Act 2, Scene 2

(Enter Hillary)

Hillary: Why do these fools and rapscallions stand by,
These Bernie Bros, these bags of deplor'be
who show their hatred for my sex alone?
Know they not of whom they speak, my glory?
Clad in the garments of Armani I
Stand bestride the world and declare myself
Look upon my face for thou wishes to see God.

James Comey fired! Watch out Hillary!

Today at about 5PM EDT, Trump fired Comey. This has already ignited a media firestorm with Democrats stating Trump did it to shut down the Russian collusion story. The Republicans meanwhile are citing Comey's marked failure in handling the Clinton email case and most recently for possible obstruction, by slow-walking the Susan Rice unmasking case.

Victory for LePen

How do I know? Well, let's just say that Macron is running a brilliant campaign, just like fellow globalist Killary Klinton. The Press in the US and in France ingenuously calls him a "centrist". He is as much of a centrist as Donald Trump.

M. Macron has learned quite well from Medusa, referring to LePen voters as the French equivalent of "deplorables", an endearing way to garner undecided votes.