Hillary Clinton says that, with a little luck, we can turn Ukraine into Afghanistan

Considering all the crocodile tears being shed over Ukraine, it's easy to forget that the U.S. doesn't actually care about the people living there. That's why the wisdom of Hillary Clinton is so valuable for keeping everyone grounded.

What's up with the Hillary PR blitz?

Undead Hillary refuses to slink back into the morass she came from. ICYMI she is hosting a masterclass, "the power of resilience," where she - tearfully - reads the acceptance speech she prepared for the 2016 election. This appears to be coordinated with Huma Abedin's book where she glowingly describes "Hillaryland" as a place of caring and compassion. And, oh, she made Ben Affleck blush!

Thank you, Hillary

Thank you, esteemed Rodent, for the good which you have bestowed upon this world (and we yet have no other). Short. To the point.

Hillary, thank you from Moloch. Thank you from Beezlebub. Thank you from Lucifer.

The law of the land, which behooves me to obey, lest a an involuntary stay at a graybar hotel, prevented you naught. I'm still with her. Yeah. Yes, indeed, you bitch.

Hillary's undeclared $400,000 + gift from Bill Browder

What am I gonna do when HRC, Podestas, Bubba, Hussein, Waters, Pelosi depart the scene, voluntarily or involuntarily? Where will the laughs come from when they're gone. I know, I know: it only hurts when I laugh--which ain't as often when my medication wears off.

Theme and Variations on a theme by Hillary, section 1, part A

I came across this vintage article, but like classical music never seems to lose its allure. Just as a great Bach fugue withstands re-hearing many times, we are able to re-enjoy some sweet tastes of the recent past.

Theme: I shudda won--You Americans are stupid!

Variation 1: The Russians hacked me to death.

Part A: It's because of them that I had no platform.