Deflection Detection - or - What's Hillary Been Up to?

I confess that my literacy extends to reading nutritional information labels on my groceries and not much else. It is an effort to lumber up the slopes at c99--one does have to dry off once in a while.

This is not to say there is a complete disinterest in events current. I do peer above the brine at times:

And now a little "noise" at least in the eyes of my party hack "friends" (Rant of the day)

So for context and because to be blunt about myself I'm an asshole (and proud of it) I dropped this little list on the page of a friend big in the Democrat party and gushing about Obama after his good riddance, ahem, farewell speech.

So if I was to tell you that Trump had or planned too.

Weaponized Identity Politics and Hubris gave us Donald, and The Elites in both major parties are just fine with the outcome of the election.

Make no mistake about it: the political elites, whatever their party label, have got exactly what they wanted this election.

No. She was much worse than that.

Turns out Hillary's Campaign was pushing the DNC (and it seems, in coordination with them, Media) to get the Republican Party to select the most extreme candidate possible.

Yes, they wished to see a right-wing extremist as the other choice for President of the United States. Presumably, because that would scare the electorate into running to Clinton. She called it the "Pied Piper Strategy."

If you think I shouldn't, tell me quick

should I publish this at ETC (Elect Trump Central aka TOP)
You’ve killed me. You’ve killed my neighbor and great friend Olivia. You’ve killed my Us Army vet neighbor Bob down the hall. Getting a motorized wheelchair will be the least of his problems now. You’ve killed my sister!
All of us justly on Disability, and you killed us.