It sounds good, but ...

There's a new app out that promises to provide secure, privacy oriented, covid-19 tracing warnings to users who opt in. If you get close to another user who has tested positive and agreed to anonymously tip people off that they have been exposed, you will get an alert, but only that you were recently near somebody who tested positive.

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COVID Fatigue

Everyone is sick of COVID, literally and figuratively. With the Trumps' infection it is worth looking at the state of the pandemic. This winter appears to ensure continued spread. Today, we'll examine some new treatments and understandings of the nature of the virus and its disease expression. I'm not a doctor, I'm trained as a soil scientist, so take this as my understanding based on my research and not as advice. The most critical factor is age, something we can't control, however many other factors are... things like: optimizing our health, protecting ourselves and others when out and about, and being aware of best treatments if we become symptomatic. Much of this essay will be review, but there's also some new research and I hope I've put together an organized and logical approach to the pandemic. Let's begin with encouraging news which I rarely hear discussed. Up to 50% of us may have immunity already because of exposure to other corona-viruses.

“Our team also tested uninfected healthy individuals and found SARS-CoV-2-specific T cells in more than 50 percent of them. This could be due to cross-reactive immunity obtained from exposure to other coronaviruses, such as those causing the common cold, or presently unknown animal coronaviruses. It is important to understand if this could explain why some individuals are able to better control the infection,” said Professor Antonio Bertoletti, from Duke-NUS’ Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) program, who is the corresponding author of this study.

Options for Controlling COVID-19 With Off-Patent Medications and Nutraceuticals

Drugs by physician prescription only; observe all contraindications

First Phase Anti-Virals – Administer to high-risk patients as soon as symptoms manifest or infection is diagnosed
Bromhexine – 8-16 mg 3 times daily (1-5)
Hydroxychloroquine – 1st day 400 mg twice; subsequent days 200 mg twice daily (6-10)
Azithromycin 500 mg once daily (6-12)