Options for Controlling COVID-19 With Off-Patent Medications and Nutraceuticals

Drugs by physician prescription only; observe all contraindications

First Phase Anti-Virals – Administer to high-risk patients as soon as symptoms manifest or infection is diagnosed
Bromhexine – 8-16 mg 3 times daily (1-5)
Hydroxychloroquine – 1st day 400 mg twice; subsequent days 200 mg twice daily (6-10)
Azithromycin 500 mg once daily (6-12)

The Weekly Watch

Past the Peak or a Second Wave?

Let's conduct an experiment with our kids and teachers. Put them back in school and see if there is more spread of COVID-19. As a retired teacher, I suggest the teachers are the ones holding the bag. In my old district they are offering three options...regular class attendance, on-line distance learning, or a hybrid blend of the two. Guess who has to organize and prepare for all three approaches...not to mention cleaning the classroom between groups of students? Lots of talk about student safety and not a word about staff. And it's the coaches who have matriculated to the central office that are calling the shots with claims of following state guidelines. We'll know in a couple of months (before the election) how successful this strategy is. A Georgia student was suspended this week for posting a picture of crowded hallways and no mask wearing. (2.5 min)

A Georgia student named Hannah who posted a shocking photo of her high school’s jam-packed hallways says she was called to the principal's office and suspended for five days. The school principal came on the PA system and warned students not to post negative content on social media, warning that “there will be consequences.”

TRUST US: Elite Lies, Self-Deception and American Failure

America is a failure for the 99%. Why, in the early 21st Century, are major institutions in this country prone to so many frequent, repeating, foreseeable, and avoidable failures? Americans respect authority far too much. Our elites are very good at self-deception, and they are leading us over a cliff.

All three Latin American coup leaders have covid-19

There are 33 nations in Latin America.
Thirty have various forms of democracy, some better some worse.
In those thirty nations none of the presidents have Covid-19.

Three nations in Latin America are run by coup leaders.
All three coup leaders have Covid-19.

What are the odds of that?

The Weekly Watch

COVID Confusion

It is getting worse. It is going away.
Lock down, open up, lock down.
You don't need to wear a mask. You must wear a mask.
Test those with symptoms. Test everyone. Don't bother testing.
Use antibody tests. Antibody tests don't work.
About 5-8% of people are asymptomatic. Over half the population has been asymptomatic.
People develop immunity after infection. People can be infected multiple times.
The virus came from bats. It was engineered in a lab.
And on and on. This is like a pandemic managed by the Keystone Kops...

It's been over half a year and basic research still hasn't been done. Why hasn't a randomized clinical trial looking at infection rate been done in every state or at least region? Perhaps because understanding the extent of this disease might eat into the profits?
Let's see if we can parse out some things we do know, look at strategies which might prevent infection, and if you are infected what treatments might effective.