TRUST US: Elite Lies, Self-Deception and American Failure

America is a failure for the 99%. Why, in the early 21st Century, are major institutions in this country prone to so many frequent, repeating, foreseeable, and avoidable failures? Americans respect authority far too much. Our elites are very good at self-deception, and they are leading us over a cliff.

All three Latin American coup leaders have covid-19

There are 33 nations in Latin America.
Thirty have various forms of democracy, some better some worse.
In those thirty nations none of the presidents have Covid-19.

Three nations in Latin America are run by coup leaders.
All three coup leaders have Covid-19.

What are the odds of that?

The Weekly Watch

COVID Confusion

It is getting worse. It is going away.
Lock down, open up, lock down.
You don't need to wear a mask. You must wear a mask.
Test those with symptoms. Test everyone. Don't bother testing.
Use antibody tests. Antibody tests don't work.
About 5-8% of people are asymptomatic. Over half the population has been asymptomatic.
People develop immunity after infection. People can be infected multiple times.
The virus came from bats. It was engineered in a lab.
And on and on. This is like a pandemic managed by the Keystone Kops...

It's been over half a year and basic research still hasn't been done. Why hasn't a randomized clinical trial looking at infection rate been done in every state or at least region? Perhaps because understanding the extent of this disease might eat into the profits?
Let's see if we can parse out some things we do know, look at strategies which might prevent infection, and if you are infected what treatments might effective.


The Weekly Watch

Spring into Summer

Here in the northern hemisphere it is short nights and long days for the near term. It's funny to me how our sense of time changes. When the COVID-19 isolation was begun, it seemed like time was dragging, but now in the height of garden season and homestead maintenance, time flies. I can't keep up. The corona virus continues with more conundrums, cases, and deaths. The political kabuki theater continues to entertain and perplex. Racism continues to be endemic in our culture. The war drums continue to beat. And the Fed continues creating currency and transferring it to the wealthiest among us. At the same time the planet continues to rotate, revolve around our star, and travel with our solar system around our galaxy, as the galaxy itself speeds through space.

better solstice.jpg

The solstice typically falls on the 20th or 21st of June
and marks the sun’s most northerly point in Earth’s sky.