Let's Make the People as Dumb as Possible and let the Media Handle the Brainwashing

Here's one example of how that works. But you can find examples across all topics that rely on statistics and data. Look closer and you will discover a cover-up for a government policy mistake.

One human cell infected by SARS-CoV-2

Why has the CDC stopped collecting data on breakthrough Covid cases?

The US is stumbling in the dark when it comes to breakthrough cases. Why?

According to the Anglo news-media, China is facing its greatest crisis since the pandemic began.

For more than a year, China has held SARS-CoV-2 at bay, suffering but a few cases at a time in controllable outbreaks. All of the infections were carried into China from the outside, often by Chinese returning from foreign travel. All visitors arriving in China face two weeks of quarantine — but those rules may have been changing as China's vaccination saturation inched toward the top.

Whenever new infections popped up, or were caught in massive testing sweeps, contract tracers immediately descended on the patient. His path was meticulously retraced using cell-phone location tracking and relevant survellience footage. Face recognition identified everyone the patient encountered or interacted with. In every case, a large sample of mostly strangers were interviewed, tested, and potentially quarantined. The strategy is very aggressive, but it has allowed the rest of China to mingle and socialize and go about their business.


But in Nanjing, the Coronavirus slipped in through an unexpected weakness in their maintenance procedures.


2020 has ended swiftly, but there was no magical porthole through which we could saunter into this “new age of Aquarius”—into a land of sustenance without suffering, as the bell tolled ushering January 1, 2021. Many of us were fortunate to view the crossing of Saturn and Jupiter as they continued around the sun on their designated paths, unconcerned about our global destiny as we face this curse of a nature that is alive in its bounty but equally so in its cruelty.