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Where Oh Where Has Our Little Government Gone
Gone to the Oligarchs Every One

To mix a meta
sip a quarentini
Here's lookin' at you kid

we. have. no. federal. government.

It has never been more evident, as exhibited by the lack of leadership during this crisis. The U. S. government is doing nothing to prepare. They are only a distracting and negative influence. At best.

A question for Dr. John Carpenter

I just saw this for the first time, this morning, but this is pretty much where my line of thinking was taking me, yesterday. What do you think...does this look credible?:

Here's our summary of this vitally important paper:

Question: Dying - Alone or With Your Loved Ones Holding You?

When looking back at my life and looking at myself right now, I try to figure out what hurts me more and will stuck with me probably for the rest of my life:

A. if I couldn't be at the side of my son, if he were in danger to die due to the virus infection or vice versa for him, if he could not be with me, if I were going to die or

B. keeping distance as requested by the authorities.

Here why I think about that:

Would you accept to participate in a vaccine clinical trial against Covid-19 before animal tests were complete? ?

@JtC (are their ways to embed a yes/no counter in an essay page?)

This is an automated translation of the German article of "Der Spiegel - Science"
here. (I did not edit it)

The risky race of the pharmaceutical companies

Maybe we won't have the summertime blues. Maybe the pandemic slows

In today's Black cat day press conference, our President hinted at "the summer being very good". Perhaps this is what he meant. Variations in transmissibility does vary with both temperature and humidity. Temperature has a greater effect than humidity. See illustrations and formula below.