Our Forever Wars

In the more than 6,5oo+ days that we've occupied Afghanistan, the United States has spent $2.4 trillion and wasted the lives of 2,433 military men and women and another 1,143 allies. Not to mention the tens of thousands of civilians that we've killed.
Yet we still see headlines like this one.


Wikileaks/Manning revelations treated with Respect by MSM in 2010

Examples of mainstream media coverage of Wikileaks and Manning releases of information are seen here in CNN and ABCNews 2010 reports on U.S. private contractors paying the Taliban for safe passage on supply roads.

Those scary, scary Russians and their dastardly peace talks

Those darn Russians are aggressively threatening everyone.
Don't believe me? Just look at this Bloomberg article published today titled:
How NATO Is Preparing for the New Cold War
A huge military exercise in Norway signals the alliance’s pivot back to its original foe, Russia.