Hillary Clinton says that, with a little luck, we can turn Ukraine into Afghanistan

Considering all the crocodile tears being shed over Ukraine, it's easy to forget that the U.S. doesn't actually care about the people living there. That's why the wisdom of Hillary Clinton is so valuable for keeping everyone grounded.

US should use Afghan government funds to purchase large quantities of basic foodstuffs to feed Afghanistanis

I horrid situation is developing in Afghanistan over food. Today I read that Biden has decided to funnel some of the funds to 9-11 first responders families, including their legal expenses and not let the (now-Taliban) government use it.

Media digs in against withdrawing our troops from anywhere ever again

Two weeks ago I said the MIC had every incentive to botch the Afghanistan withdrawal. If it went smoothly, who knows which militarily occupied nation we might pull out of next?
The news media went into overtime trying to create a climate of fear that we should never pull our troops out of anywhere ever again.


"Killing for the sake of killing": The catastrophe in Afghanistan that the media ignores

If you listen to the media, our withdrawal from Afghanistan was a "betrayal", while our occupation of the country was benevolent and costless. That assumes the media reported on our 20-year long occupation at all.