U.S. has forgotten the death and suffering we are still causing in the middle east

Before I begin I want to say that I know Afghanistan and Yemen aren't technically in the Middle East, but I used the term anyway for the benefit of Americans.
It is both amazing and depressing to see the so-called "progressives" line up nearly unanimously to support the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. The Republicans are lost in this because they want to both support war AND oppose Democrats, so they end up voting with Dems while making meaningless symbolic verbal gestures.
Everyone seems to have forgotten the mass slaughter and destruction that we've left behind us over the past two decades.

In both wars, U.S. officials predicted victory without defining what victory means, or how the fighting ends. Then, as now, they insist that victory will lead to dramatic positive change in the international order.
And just like 20 years ago, the U.S. media is cheerleading for war, marginalizing voices of restraint and peace, while amplifying those of the armchair warriors.

Just because the American news media has taken their eyes off our wars in the Muslim world, doesn't mean that they aren't still going on. For instance, one of the very few good things Trump did was withdraw U.S. troops from Somalia. This week President Biden reversed that move.
The government of Iraq has repeatedly asked for the U.S. troops to leave their country, to which the U.S. has repeatedly refused. This has triggered a reaction which Americans should find familiar.

Following the Iraqi parliament's decision to expel foreign troops from the country and Baghdad's delay in doing so, US coalition logistics convoys are targeted by roadside bombs several times a week, sometimes several times a day.
Several roadside bombs have recently exploded in the path of US convoys in the Iraqi provinces of Dhi Qar and Anbar.

It's nearly impossible to find these attacks being reported in western press, but there are several sources from the Muslim world.
Speaking of Iraq, they are about to be the only Arab nation to make it a death penalty to have ties to Israel.

The bill, which threatens the death penalty or life imprisonment, will not only criminalise normalisation of relations with Israel, but also ban "the establishment of diplomatic, political, military, economic, and cultural relations and any other sort of relations with the invading Zionist entity."

Which brings us to this interesting item.

In a statement yesterday by the US-led international coalition to defeat Daesh, Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR), it announced that it had given around $219 million to its "partner forces in Syria and Iraq" for the first quarter of 2022...
Over the past eight years, since Daesh's capture of large swathes of territory throughout Syria and Iraq in 2014, the CTEF has provided over $8.9 billion in supplies to its partners in the fight, especially in the form of equipment including armoured military vehicles, forklifts, ambulances, wreckers, fuel and water tankers and different communication assets.

Uh, "in Syria"? We are illegally occupying about 1/3 of Syria. Which allies are we speaking of? And roughly $9 Billion to these partners without seriously debate, while Congress is actively trying to eliminate school lunches to children here at home? WTF?

Assistance to the Iraqi security forces has also been criticised by many, as elements within them which particularly benefited from the funding and support were some of the Iran-backed Shia militias in Iraq – under the umbrella organisation the Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) – which turned on the US and its military presence by launching numerous attacks on its forces and bases, following the territorial defeat of Daesh three years ago.

Oh yeah. Those groups that we are giving aid to are the ones that are bombing the supply convoys going to our military bases, that the Iraq government has demanded that we leave. Well, that makes perfect sense.

Now we must talk about Yemen, where we continue to support Saudi Arabia's genocide.

The World Food Program estimates that half of all the country’s children under 5, about 2.3 million kids, are at risk of acute malnutrition, with 400,000 at risk of dying if they don’t receive treatment, according to a spokesperson for the organization who asked not to be named because even the U.N. fears the consequences of criticizing Saudi Arabia ...
Food prices rose in Houthi-controlled areas, according to Famine Early Warning Systems, a food security warning system created by the U.S. Agency for International Development. Goods imports through the Houthi-held north of Yemen must undergo a lengthy, U.N.-administered inspection process known as the United Nations Verification and Inspection Mechanism to check shipments for possible arms smuggling. But even after the UNVIM clears food and fuel shipments, the Saudi-led coalition controls whether and when these goods can reach Yemen. Sanaa-based Yemen Petroleum Company, which buys fuel for both the private sector and public use, says it incurs charges of $20,000 per day for delays in clearance caused by the Saudi-led coalition, which it passes on to consumers.

To say that this is immoral is an understatement.
However, there has been two positive developments regarding Yemen in recent days. The first if that Biden has agreed to spend $580 million in humanitarian relief for Yemen. The other piece of news is vastly more important - a truce has been reached between the warring parties, and so far it is holding. Around 370,000 people have died in this conflict.

Now we must talk about Afghanistan, which possibility of returning to civil war again.

Earlier this month the National Resistance Forces of Afghanistan (NRF) announced a new military operation against Taliban forces aimed at "liberating" the Panjshir and Andarab valleys.

The NRF is an alliance of anti-Taliban forces made up largely of former members of the country's military and police, many of them trained by U.S. forces during the two-decade war.

Our closest ally, the U.K., has followed directly in our footsteps and have abandoned the people of Afghanistan and Yemen as well.

Finally, we should mention that our drone war is slowly being scaled back.

The number of declared U.S. military airstrikes around the world last year declined to the lowest total since 2006, a recent report by an international monitoring group said.
The U.S. Air Force launched 500 airstrikes in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria in 2021, compared with 915 such missions in 2020, public data from the service says.
But additional airstrikes may be undeclared, said the Airwars report, which accused the U.S. military of not being transparent about collateral damage to civilians.

2006 levels of drone strikes is still a criminal level. Still is had to to be cut in half just to get down to that level. Which shows the outrageous levels of drone strikes under Obama and Trump.

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We really, really need to find a new descriptor for what is being passed off as Democrats in this new century.
They are certainly not the Democrats I grew up with in the 60s and 70s.
How does Nazicrats fill the bill?
Good post gjohnsit.

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Neither Russia nor China is our enemy.
Neither Iran nor Venezuela are threatening America.
Cuba is a dead horse, stop beating it.

the War With Iran lobby is huge

Documents, including rafts of public disclosure filings and a hacked email from a Washington diplomat, reveal a highly active foreign influence operation over the past five years to blanket Washington with messages supporting confrontation with Iran and targeting the IRGC with sanctions and inclusion on the terrorist list.

Since at least 2015, a variety of communications consultants, law firms, and lobbyists working for foreign governments — primarily Iranian regional rivals Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain — produced a steady stream of tweets, talking points, press releases, and reports warning about the dangers of the IRGC and supporting the foreign terrorist organization, or FTO, designation.

“All you need to know about what a politicized cudgel the FTO list has become is seeing the UAE and Saudi Arabia — responsible for some of the most heinous terror against civilians in Yemen — lobbying to get the IRGC on the FTO and keep them listed,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, executive director of the advocacy group Democracy for the Arab World Now. “We should not be allowing foreign government lobbyists to buy influence on important national security policies, like the FTO designation of a government we want to reach a critical nuclear deal with.”

In response, Israel claims that it's not trying to get the U.S. to go to war with Iran. and then he burst into laughter because he couldn't keep a straight face.

Meanwhile, Iran has not forgiven the U.S. for the assassination of Qassem Soleimani

Iran’s attempts to assassinate former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are real and ongoing, his successor, Antony Blinken, told Congress on Tuesday.

To which I say, I wish Iran all the luck in the world.

Finally, one of the largest and most active ISIS groups in the world is also one of the most ignored. Which is weird and suspicious.

Daesh yesterday claimed responsibility for a deadly attack that killed an officer and ten soldiers in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, the group said on its Telegram channel.
The attack, which took place on Saturday, was one of the deadliest in recent years in northern Sinai.
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this is closer to the truth
the US military is not slowing down any destruction
of any foreign nation, but have instead found a loophole
to misrepresent their strikes

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You must mean 'Kinetic military action'.

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Those groups that we are giving aid to are the ones that are bombing the supply convoys going to our military bases,

We were in Afghanistan fighting them, but we were also paying them to let our convoys full of weapons to fight them through and with safe passage. No wonder we haven’t won a war in a very long time. With the idiots running the wars in charge I don’t see how we could win.

Rumor has it that an ex navy admiral has been captured in Mariupol after he came out of the big factory there. And he’s not the only one who is Russia’s hands. Possibly a Canadian ex general too.

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Which AIPAC/MIC/pharma/bank bought politician are you going to vote for? Don’t be surprised when nothing changes.

Voting is like driving with a toy steering wheel.