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The massive real estate bubble that no one is talking about

The real estate bubble was so 2007.
It burst and a lot of people lost their homes, the banks went bust, and the financial system nearly collapsed, but home prices came down, right?

What if I was to tell you that the real estate bubble has not only been re-inflated, but is now bigger than ever before?
You might find it hard to believe because practically no one in the media is talking about it. Yet the information is out there and readily available.

For Veterans Day: I Fought for Your Right to Hate Me

 photo carla lewis_zpsxlfpyrg4.jpg

Carla Lewis is a transgender woman from Antioch Tennessee. She was discharged from the Air Force in 2010 for being gender dysphoric.

The 44-year-old's Facebook selfie from Friday has gone viral, with 11,000 likes and 14,000 shares.

I fought for your right to hate me.

The sentiment seems perfect for this Veterans Day.

The Drop the T campaign rears its ugly, ugly head

Every time the LGBT community suffers a significant political loss, such as HERO in Houston or California's Prop 8, or ENDA in the US Congress, one can count on a campaign to drop the T from the end of LGB.

This time it takes the form of a Change.org petition. The petition so far has 1229 signatories.

We are a group of gay/bisexual men and women who have come to the conclusion that the transgender community needs to be disassociated from the larger LGB community; in essence, we ask that organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, Lambda Legal and media outlets such as The Advocate, Out, Huff Post Gay Voices, etc., stop representing the transgender community as we feel their ideology is not only completely different from that promoted by the LGB community (LGB is about sexual orientation, trans is about gender identity), but is ultimately regressive and actually hostile to the goals of women and gay men.

So far there have been public rejections from GLAAD, HRC, and the Advocate.

Confused Christian staff members dismissed from Texas Learning Center

There is a six-year-old boy in Katy, TX who is transgender. His parents, who happen to be a gay couple, informed the Children's Lighthouse Learning Center that their child now should be referred to as a boy and disclosed his new name.

The school administrators were okay with that. Indeed, they appear to have been prepared for their first transgender child. A set of guidelines entitled How to Handle Transgender Students was distributed to staff members.

Two "Christian" staff members objected. They were fired.

As you might imagine, this has caused an uproar from certain sources.

Vote for President Convict #9653

On November 2, 1920, something happened that had never happened before in history and is never likely to happen again: a federal prisoner received nearly 1 million write-in votes for president, including 22% of the New York vote.
This wasn't just any prisoner. This was a legendary union leader who was now a political prisoner.
This was Eugene Debs.

URJ passes most comprehensive and extensive guidelines favoring transgender rights of any religious organization

 photo urj_zpsllil2rnz.pngMeeting in Orlando yesterday representatives of the Union for Reform Judaism unanimously approved an historic resolution on transgender rights.

Some 5,000 reform Jews attended the Union for Reform Judaism biennial meeting where they approved the resolution that calls for Jewish congregations and camps to institute gender-neutral bathrooms, gender-neutral language, and arrange gender issues training for teachers and staff at religious schools. The resolution passed on a voice vote without opposition, and applause followed the the results of the vote.

The Evening Blues - 11-6-15


Hey! Good Evening!

This evening's music features blues, doo-wop and rock singer, violinist and guitarist Don "Sugarcane" Harris and Harmonica George Robinson, a Chicago blues harp player too obscure for a biography to exist on the internet, apparently. Enjoy!

Don "Sugarcane" Harris - Where's My Sunshine