James Kroeger

A working class intellectual cut from the same cloth as Bernie Sanders. Like Bernie, my focus has always been on finding ways to advance the economic interests of average Americans. Unlike Bernie, I never seriously considered the option of seeking political office. What I did do, at the age of 42, with an Associate's Degree in hand, was go back to school to see if I couldn't earn a Ph.D. in Economics. I did end up getting accepted into a Ph.D. program and I did study economic theory on that level, but I chose to drop out before completing the quest. I did however end up with a Master's Degree in Economics and the kind of in-depth knowledge of economic theory that enables me to knowledgeably critique the Paul Krugmans of the world. And yet, in spite of the great interest I have in economic theory/policy/arguments, I see myself as, first and foremost, a Philosopher who has a lot to say about Human Nature, human emotion, and the foundations of morality.
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James Kroeger