Backstory on Deep State .vs. Trump Warfare

There are many reasons why the (corrupt) Political Establishment, and the Global Government Oligarchs have been so obsessively and completely focused on defaming, attacking, and neutralizing President Trump on a 24/7 basis for over 3 years. But the primary reason, similar to the threat presented by the Brexit movement, is because of the voice, now given from a position of real power (an American President), that has publicly exposed, called out, and opposed the impact of (unelected) Global Government agenda (designed to replace self-directed government, national sovereignty, and borders), and its exploitative, cheap-labor-driven Global Cartel Monopoly structure that would control the World markets, Trade, Wages, and the standard-of-living.

Clearly, Globalism is a completely Totalitarian concept and system, and always has been. But it is only been the recent Brexit and "America First" movements that have begun to burst the bubble of invincibility behind this grand illusion, decades long in planning, that the Political Establishment created to eventually remove all power from the people.

Superficially it appears on TV that the battle is just between The Democratic Party, liberals and the Trump administration. But the entirety of the (unelected) Deep State Intelligence apparatus has been commissioned to fight a sitting U.S. President like at no other time, in such a visible way in History since they took down Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s, and not in such a intense and criminal fashion since the all out Warfare between President John Kennedy and the CIA (resulting in his violent assassination).

Part of the backstory behind this Intelligence-Complex War with Trump has now emerged in this new Video. You won't hear this type of information on any Cable News or Establishment News site:


The battle, which is multifaceted, has only begun, and the outcome is not yet determined....

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Very interesting.

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"Make dirt, not war." eyo

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          I am so far down the chain of command I can't even get clearance to watch the video …

          I suppose (as I am in the deep dank depths of this dungeon) I'll just get back upon this treadmill and generate some more electricity for the High Holy Oligarchs.

… damn … now where is that light switch …


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"I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."
Robert J. McCloskey, U.S. State Department spokesman. From a press briefing during the Vietnam war.

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Some of the readers here may dismiss this essay because it features Trump. What they fail to recognize is that the same Deep State forces targeting Trump will target Bernie Sanders when he becomes president.

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The only other candidate that I think would really oppose this structure is Tulsi Gabbard, who has shown that she cannot be bullied or pressured or shamed or manipulated into the Globalist Foreign Policy and Open Borders trappings.

Notice how they cut her right out of the Debates (despite many favorable polls) to get her voice right off of the stage (after successfully taking out corrupt, Clintonesque Kamala Harris).

I followed Sanders in 2015-2016, but became later disillusioned with him due to his unnecessary defense, protection and support of the queen of Wall Street & Neocons (crooked Hillary) and her corruption, and his protection of Joe Biden's corruption (even as he runs against him), and the Open Borders agenda, and his voting against the improved new Trade agreements (that I doubt Sanders could have ever achieved himself since he opposes the strategic use of the Tariff system to our Nation's advantage), and his parroting of the phony "Russia stole the election" hoax. I don't know that Sanders would stand up to the Globalists -- as he either adopts too many of their narratives, or resists the long overdue (government should serve) "America First" movement.

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The Deep State owns all the levers of government. If they want to go to war with Iran, if they want total spectrum dominance, if they want to rule over world, their minions will be ordered to impeach. Whether Republican or Democrat, they will follow orders.
All hail the Grand Ayatollah Pence. Nothing in America will be the same again.
Trump is probably toast, unless he fully submits to them.
Dystopic? Unbelievable? Pure BS?
I certainly hope so.
We will know soon enough.

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After six years, still getting robo-calls from Marriot Hotels.
They're like herpes.

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...that could be mistaken for a nearly identical event that happened at the very same time in the Universe that I occupy. If you closely track these events then you might notice that everything was subtlely different. The Deep State, for example, consists of a different selection from the same pool of people. This alternate Deep State is using an alternate strategy in pursuit of goals that are not quite the same. The subplots have materialized out of unknown events with unfamiliar backstories, and evidence that we don't have in this Universe is passed around in the sunlight between all parties in the alternate world. There, all the loose ends are tied together with random events that were heretofore unconnected to the drama. These magical alignments complete the narrative in a most irritating fashion, like quantum entanglement run amok.

I accept that somewhere, somewhen this narrative is probably accurate.

You won't hear this type of information on any Cable News or Establishment News site:

That's for sure.

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Let us be the one online community that is guided by fact and reality.
Let us raise no false hopes nor suffer from delusions, ourselves.
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I think it fits in nicely with this topic. Take it for what it's worth but I enjoyed it.

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America is a pathetic nation; a fascist state fueled by the greed, malice, and stupidity of her own people.
- strife delivery

This video does not have anything real to back up Millenial Millie's speculation. So far as I can tell, it is a regurgitation of various pro-Trump talking points. What are we to make of a presentation that asserts that Iran is a "deep state asset"? Or that comments approvingly on the assassination of Major General Solemenei? Last I checked, we were not at war with Iran. Killing a top military leader of a country you are not at war with is basic mob-style thuggery. Then there is the little matter of the militarization of space. That's another Pandora's box Trump just opened.

It is pretty clear that there is a faction in the permanent government, represented by people like John Bolton, that likes what is going on and is encouraging the administration to continue along this path to more war. Meanwhile, we proles get to be entertained by the impeachment circus, the latest shiny object. Adding infowars BS into this toxic mix is not helpful.

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@out of left field
Well, first of all Soleimani was no angel (or hero) here. It is no secret, for anyone who has studied U.S. Foreign policy here, that the Deep State - Intelligence Complex (Globalists) have (for decades and decades) orchestrated Wars and events that would force or create War -- for the purpose of advancing the Central Banksters and Global Cartel (including Oil) agenda -- a.k.a. the "New World Order". And the Neocons (like John Bolton) have sought War with Iran for a long, long time (and elsewhere).

Qassem Solemani, a master of terrorist operations, was caught planning an attack on the Embassy, and also planning to create another Benghazi type of event -- for the purpose of pushing the U.S. into open Warfare with Iran. The Neocons and Deep Staters have long thirsted for Regime Change in Iran. President Trump stopped Regime Change operations in Syria, and has now stopped the impetus in Iran as well. As President Trump himself stated: Soleimani was taken out of the battlefield to prevent a War, not to start a new one.

Also recall that President Trump fired John Bolton, and rejected his (Neocon) advice. That is significant here. Trump also fired other people who were subversive to his Foreign Policy, like Gen McMaster, Gen. McChrystal, Gen Kelly, and Rex Tillerson. They were all fired too. So the Pandora's Box has been closed up by Trump, or is at least getting closer to that objective.

Finally, InfoWars has been right about many things (against Iraq War, against Libya War, against Bush admin, exposed Sept 11, predicted Trump election, predicted Brexit, exposed Hillary Clinton corruption, etc.), and clearly has more credibility (and honesty) than Mainstream Media sources (and propaganda outlets like CNN and MSNBC / NBC ) ever will. You judge something by their enemies. The smears and ferocity of the hatred that the (corrupt) Mainstream Media has directed towards Infowars, more than proves the point that they are over the target here -- which makes people in power become uncomfortable. One of the few places (Infowars) where Globalism, and its impact is frequently discussed, and where the (International) power structure and crooked Globalist agenda is exposed. You ignore that information at your own peril.

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