Trump administration

Backstory behind Trump MidEast Troop Withdrawals


Not since the days of President John Kennedy has a U.S. President went up against the corrupt Foreign Policy Establishment, faced down their subversion of his policies and insubordination, and tried to truly wrest control away from the Elite Global Government planners and their Multinational Cartel structures (behind them and who had been calling all the shots).

The Trump Administration: Theft on a massive scale

The Russiagate scandal is a hilariously, fact-less conspiracy theory. But it serves a purpose of distracting people away from outright government stealing on a scale comparable to feudal robber barons.
Civil asset forfeiture was always an idea open to abuse, and abuse it they have done.

President Trump Does Something GOOD on Health Care!


Unlike the Clintons, Bush, and Obama, President Trump did something good for U.S. Health Care....very good.

But you might not even realize that fact with the heavily focused Mass Media narrative going on about cuts made in the sacred Insurance Subsidies (financed by U.S. Taxpayers paychecks) to "help poor people".

Alternative Realities, Deception, and Defiance

So, the POTUS lies about all kinds of things, and is singularly ill-informed.

Okay, but what about the rest of them? The ones who seem to influence the debate about alternative facts.

True or False? The POTUS can count and gave to the nation and the world an accurate count of the revelers who came to the capital to celebrate his inauguration on January 20 last.