The Only Question worth Asking: whose False Flag was the Ukrainian Airline Crash?

**Update** The Iranian foreign office apparently just admitted it was their missile that shot down the plane unintentionally. While we have to accept this admission as fact for now, there are still many facts that don't add up, including that it took them this long to 'fess up, that after their top spokesperson yesterday claimed it was impossible that a missile would shoot the plane down. There are also many implications not all of which are favorable to Iran.

Have we gotten even dumber in the last 17 years?

"History repeats; the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce."
- Karl Marx

Judith Miller, Karl Rove, Tom Friedman, Joe Lieberman have all crawled out from whatever rocks they were hiding under to step in front of TV cameras and tell us how wonderful a war with Iran will be.

May be it's time for the UN to move out of the US?

USA verweigern iranischem Außenminister Visum für UN-Sitzung
Mohammed Dschawad Sarif sollte diese Woche an einer Sitzung des UN-Sicherheitsrats teilnehmen. Doch die USA haben Irans Außenminister ein Visum verweigert.
7. Januar 2020, 7:24 Uhr Quelle: ZEIT ONLINE, Reuters, khe 62 Kommentare
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Iraq, Iran, and Venezuela - a common thread

In 2000, Iraq switched away from selling oil for dollars, to selling oil for Euros. Then we went to war with Iraq.

Syria is trying to build a competing pipeline to oil to the European market. So we went to war in Syria.

In 2019, Venezuela and Iran created petro cryptocurrencies to use for oil trade. Now we're going to war with Iran. I suppose Venezuela was a little too close to home for an actual invasion, but we came close, didn't we?