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The Past and Future World

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The world is in flux. Things are changing as the balance of power shifts from West to East. In a desperate bid to maintain US hegemony, there are efforts to stir up both an Iranian conflict and use Taiwan as Ukraine 2.0. There is push back. There are massive protests in Germany as farmers and truckers join forces to demand their government serve the needs of their people rather than Ukraine. South Africa's case against Israel's genocide in Gaza made it to court this week dealing another blow to western hegemony. Things are indeed in a state of flux....hopefully for the better.

(11 min) St. George's great routine on time...

America's illegal forever wars

More than 20 years ago we invaded Iraq. Three years ago Iraq asked us to leave. We are still there.

“Iraqi priorities and the US are increasingly at odds,” Abdul Mahdi said during his address to parliament.

He said a US troop withdrawal was the only way to “protect all those on Iraqi soil” – especially American forces that require protection from the Iraqis.

The Duran (with Robert Barnes) on American Politics

This was an especially well-informed discussion of American politics, which isn't common these days. There is also a bit of discussion about international politics: Ukraine, the Middle East, Spain. Some of it was great, other parts not so great. Long having been a watcher of the two Alexes, I was wondering about their take on American politics. I guess they let this guy Barnes speak for them. It is long: 2.5 hours. Below are some critical notes.

China brings about Iran/Saudi Agreement

Moon of Alabama has a fascinating discussion today about Iran and Saudi Arabia agreeing to work together.

... Mediated By China Iran And Saudi Arabia Restore Ties - There Are Winners And Losers

This is huge!

Regional rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia agree to restore ties after years of tensions