Fundamental misunderstandings of the Iran situation

The ignorance of Americans about the rest of the world has been the subject of jokes for decades.
However, that ignorance isn't funny when it gets us into wars.
For instance, Trump's approach appears to be to apply more and more pressure to Iran, bringing us closer and closer to war, in order to force them to negotiate from a position of weakness.

Trump: ‘We Don’t Need Any More Wars’

I hope this article at Antiwar, about an article at the Wall Street Journal, emphasizes the divide between our military and the warmongers in the administration.

Trump Rejected Attacking Iran: ‘We Don’t Need Any More Wars’

Have the ruling elite gotten lazy or stupid?

Active Shooter Capitalism: U.S. Goes Postal on it Biggest Creditor

WHILE YOUR ATTENTION WAS DIRECTED ELSEWHERE: The U.S. is fast choking off two of China's major oil suppliers, Iran and Venezuela, and last Thursday, a Treasury and Commerce Department order effectively closed the American market to Huawei, the biggest Chinese cell phone manufacturer. That follows an announcement on May 14 by the US Trade Representative of a 25% tariff on a $300 billion basket of Chinese-made goods.

The Weekly Watch

Dreams and Nightmares

U.S. actions are a nightmare. Imprisoning Chelsea because she refuses to testify against Julian (who they have incarcerated and are torturing in the UK's Guantanamo like prison). Truth tellers must be stopped! Venezuela's U.S. puppet and pretend president must deliver all of that oil to our corporations and those of our vassal states. We ignore international law, yet again, and raid their embassy in DC. Israel and Saudi Arabia push us into a war with Iran....a guaranteed disaster in waiting. More children murdered this week in Yemen with U.S. assistance and bombs. More Palestinians murdered by Israelis as they protest their open air prison. We are a shameful nation bent on death and destruction for the profit of those who have more than they can possibly use. Killing one another isn't enough...the entire ecosystem is at risk to satiate our oil (and profit) addiction. It is a nightmare.

And yet, people still dream of a better future... and create new systems... and build new structures in harmony with the biosphere. People dream of a more equitable society and are discussing what a positive future might look like. Young people continue to pressure the politicians and elite to move toward a green future. Can they create a dream within the nightmares?

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