President Trump

The "stable genius" with the nuclear codes began looking insane this week

The media has been exaggerating the things that Trump has been saying for a long time.
In many cases their overreaction was tiresome.
But this past week was something else. Trump really did start talking like an insane person.

President Trump To Declare National Emergency in Tuesday White House Address


In a blow to the Globalists "Open Borders" policy, and the obstruction efforts by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to block our Country from ever protecting its Southern Border, President Trump will now give a public address from the White House on Tuesday Night to declare a National Emergency and take Executive action to secure our own Country's Borders.


Crooked Establishment and Corrupt Media Meltdown over Peace Summit


What the Helsenki is going on?

Hysterical howls of hated, vilification, and even demands for removal from office aimed at President Trump by the crooked Neocon-Establishment and their agents within the U.S. Media after he and Vladimir Putin completed a Peace Summit for improving relations and cooperation between the World's two Nuclear Powers.

President Trump Does Something GOOD on Health Care!


Unlike the Clintons, Bush, and Obama, President Trump did something good for U.S. Health Care....very good.

But you might not even realize that fact with the heavily focused Mass Media narrative going on about cuts made in the sacred Insurance Subsidies (financed by U.S. Taxpayers paychecks) to "help poor people".

Why President Trump wouldn't be the end of the world

It's common in liberal circles these days to imagine the absolute worst possible outcome from Trump winning, and then assume that their nightmare is based on verifiable facts. When in fact it is based on conjecture, with a heavy dose of fear-based prejudice.
That's not to say Trump isn't an absolutely awful person, who would make possibly the worst president we've ever had, but that is only a educated guess.

Virginia's junior senator is a good man but basicaly a republican

I cane to Virginia in 1973 and after being in the front lines in the protest movement was shocked by how out of it they were here. My first joke was "What do you call a Virginia Democrat in the rest of the country?....Answer: a republican. Being stuck with what was here I remained active and did my best but never could even communicate with most Virginia Democrats.