Electoralism is not Democracy

Democracy does not mean merely that we hold elections. Communists had elections. Election campaigns are not the sum total of democracy. Democracy means the elected government obeys the expressed preferences of the electorate. We don't have that anymore. See [EVIDENCE OF DEMOCRACY FAILURE] below.

The ability of the citizens of the US to affect political change by electoral means ended with the 1980 election, when the CIA intervened in the electoral process (The October Surprise).

'The Illegal CIA Operation That Brought Us 9/11'

oh, I just wanted you to listen to this. Isn't that something you would be interested in?
The Illegal CIA Operation That Brought Us 9/11
I can't load and post the actual soundfile of the interview Robert Sheer conducted with John Duffy and Ray Nowosielski. But you also can read the transcript.(I love transcripts).

Public Service Announcement to C99 and All Radical Progressive Left Voices: Wikipedia Is Not What We Think It Is.

In light of the recent FarceBook purging of political websites (most notably anti-police and anti-capitalist, as well as RW ones) this story shook me too.

Give It Up For Robert Scheer: Russian Red Herring Hysteria Is A Dangerous Farce, And The Warmongering Democrats Need To Be Called On It.

Not many have chanced to stick their neck up and yell above the corporate calliope of the Russian Red Herring Circus Show. Add Scheer to a very exclusive roll call of truthtellers.

I found this at Truthdig yesterday (published on the 11th). Here's a link to the full text, and then some blockquote excerpts:

When candidates and the media are gaslighting you, democracy doesn't work

There are no Maginot Lines in politics, no permanent positions. Politics is swordfighting, a swirling dance of thrust and parry. Before JFK, the Democratic Party was the home of Southern racists. Republicans started as the party of Lincoln. More recently, liberals used to be FDR New Dealers, before they became Clintonite corporate neoliberals. My point is that, in the current world, political labels are meaningless (if not downright misleading), policy papers and talking points are meaningless. It is by their actions that you know politicians.

"American Made" - the Tom Cruise movie that changed my life, in a bad way.

I just had one of those vertigo-inducing moments when you realize that just about everyone around you is utterly clueless about the "hidden history" of the US Deep State (DS) and is willing to swallow whatever bilge Hollywood is offering as long as it includes lots of violence and babes. This moment happened when I watched a 2017 Tom Cruise movie called "American Made", about the CIA agent/drug smuggler, Barry Seal.