No longer is the CIA the only agency shipping cocaine into the U.S.

It's likely that you were already familiar with the fact that the CIA worked directly with drug traffickers in the Contras in the 80's and 90's. It's possible that you were aware that the CIA has not stopped smuggling cocaine into America.

An unusually good in-depth article about the CIA

You don't often see well-researched, deep-dive journalism anymore, so I thought I would bring this one to your attention. It's called "The Night Raids" by Lynzy Billing.
She spent years researching what was essentially murder squads created by CIA as they committed one war crime after another.

Won't anyone think of the poor CIA?

You people are so selfish. All you want is to end a pointless war after merely 20 years, and tens of thousands of innocent civilians being murdered.
But have you given even a thought about the wants and needs of the CIA, you selfish bastards?
No! Our murderous spies are people too, and they don't want to leave and you can't make them.