Won't anyone think of the poor CIA?

You people are so selfish. All you want is to end a pointless war after merely 20 years, and tens of thousands of innocent civilians being murdered.
But have you given even a thought about the wants and needs of the CIA, you selfish bastards?
No! Our murderous spies are people too, and they don't want to leave and you can't make them.

"The intelligence coup of the century’”

oh boy, reading this I immediately thought about all of you being involved in spying. I guess that's a fair suspicion.

What an idiocy to converse with anonymous spies. I cursed at my own stupidity. Well paid, mimi,
now you have a broken mind.

CIA controlled global encryption company for decades, says report

Two Drowning Men Pulling Each Other Down to the Bottom

Caught in a rip-tide and being dragged further out to sea, Mr. Brennan has hit the rocks and lost his ship. Floating with him, a hapless group of CIA and NSC Cold Warriors, all in way over their heads.

Having torn the sheets and smashed the hull, they bob in the waves. Lost is the wars they started far off over the horizon. Ukraine, Syria, who is to blame? Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, too.