Until Bankers Go To Jail, I'm Not Paying My Taxes: Splendid Idea, Greg Wise and Emma Thompson

Let me give credit, up front, to a splendid idea from the actors Greg Wise and Emma Thompson that clarified my own outrage at a simple reality: the bankers destroyed the economy with their greed and incompetence, the Obama Administration lets each bank CEO off the hook with a negotiated deal for a fine that the institution, not the banker pays, and with no jail time for a single high-ranking Wall Streeter and WE PAY FOR THIS.

'Our Cardinals'

For several years now, we've spent more time 'in the South' in order to be nearer to a couple of medical facilities. And during this time, we've seen our resident Cardinal Family grow from a pair, to 'fifteen.'

Then, this past November, as I happened out to prepare for a predusk feeding, I witnessed a feral cat carrying off either a female, or a very young Cardinal.

Shortly after that incident, I noticed that we had lost another one.

The Caucus Cafe v1.3

Today’s special: Vegetarian Peanut Noodle Salad

Welcome to another edition of The Caucus Cafe, a weekly series featuring recipes, food discussions and a place to ask for help with your own “kitchen conundrum.” Everyone has to eat. More importantly food is a great way to bring people together and that’s always a wonderful thing. Today our menu highlights a vegetarian peanut noodle salad.

Chena's Corner: Gov Beshear's Lame Remarks Regarding 2014 Shellacking--Video

#4 -- Office Nook -- Chena's Corner -- nook3_0.jpgI apologize for the 'rush job.'

Hat Tip to TT for giving me the idea of posting this video [21:17 Minutes].

Sorry, but C-Span did not make the embed code available, so I had to Tweet the video in order to have a format that I could post here.