Friday Night Photos Sea And Shore Bird Edition

Happy Friday everyone. I hope everybody is doing well. Post any photos, memes, or music you like.

The monthly water bill came today. $106. Of that, only $15 is for the amount of water used. The rest is for such things as consumption charge, infrastructure charge, system charge, sewer base rate. I'd love to cut my water bill in half but even if I used no water at all I'd still be paying $91 a month. Oh the joys of living in paradise.

While we're on the subject of water, here are some sea and shore birds from last month's visit to La Jolla Cove.

Brown Pelican Adult Breeding

Open Thread from an Empty Head (Biden's) - 3/8/24

Every day I learn I have been propagandized my entire life. All those history books I read all my life were selectively written. It is no wonder why I cannot understand why civilization got from Point A to Point B, only to start struggling to do it again. And again. I was never given the essential details.

This video clip is a shockingly blatant bit of propaganda. After I regained my breath after viewing Joe Scarborough gas light us, I went into the zone, had memories of teachers, newspapers, The Mighty Wurlitzer, insisting I believe what they told me. I guess we hoi polloi cannot be trusted to think for ourselves. Subtlety is gone, folks. It is blatant now. Do not question. Wrong Think is a jailable offense here and there.

Accept the narrative or else.


Open Thread - Thurs 07 Mar 2024 - Bullshit Jobs - A Quick Review

Bullshit Jobs - A Quick Review

I just finished reading David Graeber's book, Bullshit Jobs. It was very good. It was educational, eye opening, and scary and made me mad and upset. Graeber has a lot of good input and thoughts, so if you get a chance and haven't yet, the book's worth reading.

Image from here at Bookshop.org.

Over 50% of jobs these days are pointless, meaningless bullshit, according to Graeber. These jobs are harmful because our work ethic associates them with self-worth and other positive values, but they do not give the actual workers who hold them those feelings for themselves.