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Conman and Narcissist - Makes For One Weak Combo

Some thoughts arising from:

Americans unable to separate politics from reality an essay by gjohnsit on the FP.

I have no doubt Trumps believes in his own myths, bigly!

He is so super-smaht that nobody is smahter, hugely!

Couple this with his belief in the art of the con [deal] then we have one easily manipulated individual.

The State of Our Selection Process

The State of Our Selection Process

The ongoing farce

Hair Trump watches a lot of TV, we know that from his twitter account.

Hair Trump then goes on twitter and has a meltdown over what he saw on TV.

Hair Trump then gets Sean Spicer to try and clean up his mess, Sean then makes it worse but a whole lot funnier than the original rant.

Five Things I Drew From Today's NSA/FBI Testimony

1] The FBI are investigating possible Russian interference whether there is/is not.
2] Hair Trump is full of bullshit.
3] Many people are making stuff up [Dead wrong/pants on fire] as they go along.
4] Voting machines were not tampered with anywhere [with respect to this investigation].
5] Government doesn't like leaks/leakers especially when it is soooo transparent already.


Self publicist supremo, Gee Dubya's poodle and well known lying warmongering ass-hole Tony Blair brings you:

Tony Blair is launching a “new policy platform to refill the wide open space in the middle of politics” aimed at combating a “frightening authoritarian populism” that he says is undermining the west’s belief in democracy.

Sometimes You Just Sit There Mouth Agape

In France watching charges of nepotism, fake jobs for the family of prominent politicians, police truncheon rape and the probability of a fascist once again getting into the second round of the presidential election. So I went to a local PS meeting, a meeting so boringly dour and joyless that I left early even more depressed with the left than before.

Who is going to pay for this

So far Herr Hair wants:

  • He wants £54 billion more to the MIC so that makes a total of around $700billion including veterans affairs.
  • Promised more tax cuts for the wealthy.
  • Promised spending on infrastructure.
  • Promised the reduction of the national debt.
  • Promised not to touch Social Security or Medicare.
  • Then promised to slash government spending [seriously WTF]

Who are we going to threaten to pay for all of this?

I've Never Felt Quite Like This Before.

In fact I've never been this close to shredding my US passport in my life.[It's a criminal offence, you have to send it back intact.]

Watching CPAC and the Trump circus last week was more than depressing.

Watching the MSM carry on both publicizing and criticizing at the same time the snake-oil salesmen in the White House is quite frankly just mind numbing.

A Day in the Life of the Twitter Account of Hair Trump

When viewed at a sufficiently great distance [I'm just hoping the Atlantic is wide enough] the meltdown of a sociopath on twitter can be quite amusing.

Easy-D: aka Hair Trump is providing much needed hilarity in these interesting times.


Trump Hammers Wall St!

It is truly brutal, as he promised he is going after Wall St

If there's anyone who's against Wall Street, it's Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton, who basically lives off of the funding from Wall Street. Paul Manafort

Paul Manafort if you remember well was Chairman of Donald Trump's 2016 United States Presidential campaign.

On Sociopaths, Narcissists, Believers and Provocateurs.

I was reminded of this by the UC Berkley demonstration surrounding Milo Yiannopoulos who fits quite nicely with three out of the four with the exception of believer. As someone wrote a while ago "Milo Yiannopoulos is the ideological analogue of Kim Kardashian’s rear end " [Laurie Penny in the Guardian from memory]

The Blood Would Be On His Hands

I really do hope Trump backs off like Presidents before him from relocating the US Embassy to Jerusalem. We have done some blindingly awful things in the Middle-East over the decades, notably refusing to settle the Israel/Palestine conflict. Our support has been strictly unilateral i.e. Israel and is the root cause of mistrust throughout the region of the US as a independent arbitrator. Moving the Embassy would be seen as the cherry on the cake of our war crimes in the region.

France : PS A much needed paradigm shift

François Hollande's disastrous Presidency is nearing an end with his popularity running at around 4%, yes 4 %. Thankfully the voters in the PS [Parti Socialiste] rejected more of the same and thereby a complete election wipe out.

I supported and did some work for the campaign of Benoît Hamon, so why did I do so?

One over-riding subject: