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In the short term job done

Well Marine Le Pen was roundly put to one side for now especially here in the West where in Bretagne she got less than 25% of the vote.

This gives a bit of breathing space over the next five years to work on social justice for both the immigrants and the French themselves, a new social contract as it were. Integration rather than segregation, genuine attempts at understanding rather than regurgitated dogma.

Trump Brought To Heel - The Cold War Back On?

The Cold War is back on you ask? Was it ever off?

“We’re not getting along with Russia at all,we may be at an all time low”.

All time low? A Cuban Missile Crisis type low? Along with the Hitler comparisons this is top of the pig ignorant quotes of the week chart.


Democrats Stop Being Such Effing Hypocrites: Updated

Where have you been the last eight years?

While candidate Obama came to office pledging to end George W Bush’s wars, he leaves office having been at war longer than any president in US history. He is also the only president to serve two complete terms with the nation at war.

Now we are at war with Syria

Hillary Clinton has got her pompoms out cheering it on.

Call it a reprisal if you will, but it is nothing less than an act of war. We are now committed to fighting directly the Assad regime and their allies.

There was no direct attack on the US nor its citizens. The US has joined Russia in becoming directly involved in a civil war, on opposing sides.

The Hypocrisy Of The Warmongers And The Part-Time Antiwar Brigade

The bloody carnage of the last 16 years across N. Africa, the Levant, through Iraq to the borders of India has brought misery to hundreds of millions. The recent war crimes in Syria at the summit of the crimes committed.

The Global arms trade supplying both sides for profit.
Torture pardoned.
Regime change by various nefarious means.
The bombing of hospitals.
The use of banned weapons.
The crime that is pre-emptive war.
The murder of innocents.

Conman and Narcissist - Makes For One Weak Combo

Some thoughts arising from:

Americans unable to separate politics from reality an essay by gjohnsit on the FP.

I have no doubt Trumps believes in his own myths, bigly!

He is so super-smaht that nobody is smahter, hugely!

Couple this with his belief in the art of the con [deal] then we have one easily manipulated individual.

The State of Our Selection Process

The State of Our Selection Process

The ongoing farce

Hair Trump watches a lot of TV, we know that from his twitter account.

Hair Trump then goes on twitter and has a meltdown over what he saw on TV.

Hair Trump then gets Sean Spicer to try and clean up his mess, Sean then makes it worse but a whole lot funnier than the original rant.

Five Things I Drew From Today's NSA/FBI Testimony

1] The FBI are investigating possible Russian interference whether there is/is not.
2] Hair Trump is full of bullshit.
3] Many people are making stuff up [Dead wrong/pants on fire] as they go along.
4] Voting machines were not tampered with anywhere [with respect to this investigation].
5] Government doesn't like leaks/leakers especially when it is soooo transparent already.


Self publicist supremo, Gee Dubya's poodle and well known lying warmongering ass-hole Tony Blair brings you:

Tony Blair is launching a “new policy platform to refill the wide open space in the middle of politics” aimed at combating a “frightening authoritarian populism” that he says is undermining the west’s belief in democracy.