A Muse

Some thoughts on this weeks crazy.

Puerto Rican Hurricanes Damage

Doesn't count as American apparently, not real Americans because 'brown people", don't speak Americanese and anyway they are not devout republicans. See Texas and Florida and anyway they cant vote in 'real' Americans elections.


Denigrating flags and Uber-Nationalism

I'm Laughing [sort of] This Evening: The Ostrich Effect

Whatever you do don't mention the Wars you know what.
The NYT criticizing Trump for no plan seriously? WTFH?
The Washington Post, well it's what Hillary probably would have done.
The Democratic Party blogs, pardon did someone say something, speak up, I cant hear you!

Yes let's not talk about you know what,ssshhhhhhh.

What are you talking about? War? Never heard of it.