A Muse

Some thoughts on this weeks crazy.

Puerto Rican Hurricanes Damage

Doesn't count as American apparently, not real Americans because 'brown people", don't speak Americanese and anyway they are not devout republicans. See Texas and Florida and anyway they cant vote in 'real' Americans elections.


Denigrating flags and Uber-Nationalism

I'm Laughing [sort of] This Evening: The Ostrich Effect

Whatever you do don't mention the Wars you know what.
The NYT criticizing Trump for no plan seriously? WTFH?
The Washington Post, well it's what Hillary probably would have done.
The Democratic Party blogs, pardon did someone say something, speak up, I cant hear you!

Yes let's not talk about you know what,ssshhhhhhh.

What are you talking about? War? Never heard of it.

I'm giving up talking to those that refuse to hear.

I'm also giving up writing for those that refuse to read.

It is incredibly frustrating, three words in and an opinion has already been formed, five words in the talking over has begun. Write more that three lines then the arguments are ignored and conclusions wasted.

It is getting to the point where tweeting is long winded, can our view be expressed in fewer than five words? 20 Characters? God help you if you use a key word, Russia for example.

Emmanuel Macron - Jupiter Rising - A New Liberal Hero?

I'm noticing how much love Macron is getting on some liberal sites just because his ego matches that of Trump. His government was hardly elected on a wave of euphoria, turnout was appalling.

His Jupiter speech and the choice of venue, Versailles, have Napoleonic overtones.

America Is Not 'The Leader Of The Free World'

Finally can we bury that old chestnut?

Perhaps in the darkest days of World War II, when so much was lost, when hope stood all alone, when many Americans stood up ready to die, perhaps then, in that moment, it meant something real and tangible. Maybe in a few brief instances since was an ideal and a nation actually one and the same.

America first has always been the reality, every action calculated for our own benefit.

Just What We Need - More Billionaires F*cking With Us

The Corporatocracy have perceived a need, the Democratic Party needs to be more centrist and billionaire friendly, apparently they are jealous of Republican billionaires having all the fun in Washington DC these days. Hillary Clinton would be their ideal candidate and like Trump only super wealthy people would be allowed in the administration, poor folks are such losers.

Trump, Mika and Joe and why I dont effing care.

These people amongst so many others played with the truth over the years in the name of ratings. They helped create the monsters that rule us, they have helped divide America for their own hubris and greed. So many of these media fakes have made their fortunes by spreading falsehoods, they are no better than Alex Jones and his ilk; just a little less obvious.

In the short term job done

Well Marine Le Pen was roundly put to one side for now especially here in the West where in Bretagne she got less than 25% of the vote.

This gives a bit of breathing space over the next five years to work on social justice for both the immigrants and the French themselves, a new social contract as it were. Integration rather than segregation, genuine attempts at understanding rather than regurgitated dogma.

Trump Brought To Heel - The Cold War Back On?

The Cold War is back on you ask? Was it ever off?

“We’re not getting along with Russia at all,we may be at an all time low”.

All time low? A Cuban Missile Crisis type low? Along with the Hitler comparisons this is top of the pig ignorant quotes of the week chart.