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Life's Cycles

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We lost our beloved cat, Ellie, this week. She had a difficult last year with an overactive thyroid...always hungry and eating but unable to gain weight. At least death provides sweet release from suffering. We buried her next to her life long friend, our old dog Merle. We feel privileged to have shared her 15 year life. She was a joy to everyone who knew her... sweet and loving. We all ride this cycle of life from birth to death, it is up to us to make the best of the journey... and help others when we can, spreading love along our path trying to emulate our pets.

RIP Merle and Ellie

The fear of the unknown

I have absolutely no idea if I will have a business by the end of the year.
I also have absolutely no idea if I will die through the night, for that matter. Nor do any of you.
Ordinarily, I would be panicking about the future, but I have grown old now, and I have a truncated future anyway, pandemic or no pandemic.

Question: Dying - Alone or With Your Loved Ones Holding You?

When looking back at my life and looking at myself right now, I try to figure out what hurts me more and will stuck with me probably for the rest of my life:

A. if I couldn't be at the side of my son, if he were in danger to die due to the virus infection or vice versa for him, if he could not be with me, if I were going to die or

B. keeping distance as requested by the authorities.

Here why I think about that:

A surprise Musical encounter.

As I was tuning in the good ol' YouTube for something to listen to, I encountered this sweet little tune. It was originally written by Timmy Thomas in 1972; but this cover by the immortal Sade is recognized as being the best one. It's called "Why can't we be together". The lyrics tell why I made an Essay out of it: