"They Died for that Flag!" - No They didn't, They Died for Rich People

War is a Racket said General Smedley Butler. I'd amend that to say ALL War is a Racket. Some might argue there are exceptions, like WWII or maybe the Civil War, but no, in the end those wars were about power and wealth among the ruling clite. They would not have happened except at the whims of those at the very top. Butler told it like it is when he said he was nothing more than a "gangster for capitalism" during his highly decorated Marine career.

The Children are Starving

I saw this article, "Syrian Children are Starving" which caused me to write, to tell others, "hey others, look at what's happening!"

Ya, the government and corporate media will just paint it the other way, up is down you know. They have since Obama's war on Syria began. That's our life now. We laughed, maybe never thought it would happen, then we realized we're in that book. We're extras. Did it happen while we weren't looking?

The Quest for the New World Order

The incessant Russia/Putin propaganda we've been subjected to over the last four years along with the aggressive U.S. actions against Russia, i.e., Ukraine regime change, further encroachment of NATO on its borders, sanctions, the U.S. led Syria and Libya wars, etc., have led many to believe a military war with Russia might happen.

Hillary Clinton and the United States, A Threat to Humanity

nuclear war_2.png

(Note: this is in no way a defense of the scumbag called Trump)

"Imagine him in the Oval Office facing a real crisis," she said. "A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons,"
Hillary Clinton, Warmonger for President

Meet the Press et al are State Propaganda Shows

I had an epiphany this morning. Well, not really an epiphany, more like an affirmation. It's certainly not something I've not known for a very long time. But it was kind of an epiphany in that my experience had a certain sudden clearness to it and an "insight into reality caused by a commonplace occurrence".

Or maybe I just want to say something.

Hellraisers Journal: Mother Jones Declares Child Labor Is Murder, Dwarfing Little Minds and Bodies

"Of such is the kingdom of Heaven," said the great teacher.
Well, if Heaven is full of undersized, round shouldered, hollow-eyed,
listless, sleepy little angel children,
I want to go to the other place with the bad little boys and girls.
-Mother Jones

Sunday February 11, 1906
Greensboro, North Carolina - Mother Jones Speaks on Child Labor

From the Greensboro Daily Industrial News of February 9th:

Mother Jones.jpg


Socialist Declares That Factories Are Responsible
for Mental Degenerates
Laboring Man's Champion Speaks to a Small Audience
in Labor Union Hall But Holds Her
Hearers' Interest to the End.

Mother Jones talked in Labor Union Hall last night to an audience made unfortunately small by the inclemency of the weather. But the few people who were there were profoundly interested and were besides very greatly taken with the "spunky" little woman who tried to stir up in them the revolutionary spirit and to implant in them a firm purpose to benefit their brothers and help them forward to a higher civilization.

Mother Jones related first the history of the tool, told how it had become a machine, and how its change, and its ownership by the few had brought about the present economic conditions. She told about how young men used to go West to escape the servitude of labor, but now, she said, the conditions were the same everywhere.

Cuba appealed for relief from Spain, said she, and could have had it without war, but in the interests of capital war was brought about. Then capital went on to the Philippines, to work up that country. In the Far East, before the gates of Pekin, Militarism and Capitalism for the first time in history, joined their interests and worked together. The whole thing means that we are face to face with a competition as the world has never known it before.

Calls Child Labor Murder.

Bernie Needs Your Help

Bernie needs some help in creating a credible foreign policy that puts America on a path to dealing with the excesses, abuses and failed policy of previous administrations. His foreign policy also has to support his economic goals. It seems unlikely that the US can continue to support the enormous costs of military engagements, the ongoing costs of sustaining the veterans of those engagements, the costs of nation building in the countries where the US has destroyed infrastructure and created political chaos as well as the costs of an oversized global military footprint to maintain US hegemony at the same time as enormous investments are needed at home to rebuild infrastructure and provide for the needs of citizens.

If you are one of the millions of people who are tired of the endless wars of choice, the war tactics and equipment that seem to keep showing up in the hands of domestic police, the encroachment of the surveillance state on virtually everybody - among other things, then getting Bernie to commit to correcting those wrongs is the right thing to do.

Politicians never listen better than when they want something from you. This is the time to make your favorite politician a better representative of your interests.

It will have the benefit of making Bernie a better candidate. Whatever you think of #BlackLivesMatter, they engaged Bernie - and his platform, his performance on the stump and his currently proposed legislation are better for the challenge.